Couples Corner

Welcome to our Couples Corner, where we feature couples traveling the world, who have joined our Road To 100 Countries travel movement.

Bryan and Brittney:

Meet Bryan and Brittney, they love having adventures all over the world together and pushing each other outside of their comfort zones. It’s amazing how with each trip, they take home something that they’ve experienced and apply it their everyday lives; whether it be biking as a means of transportation or cooking with a newly discovered ingredient. As they continue their road to 100 countries, their ultimate goal is to never become passive travelers; to always challenge each other and go into every country with open minds and ready to make incredible memories.
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Daniele and Alessia:

Meet Daniele and Alessia, an Italian travel couple from Vicenza, a pretty artistic city in the North of Italy, near Venice. With the fusion of their names they created “Dale on Travel”. They started their relationship almost 7 years ago, and that’s when they started traveling together, one of their biggest common passions. They love planning and collecting amazing trips and taking plenty of pics to remember every special place and moment spent on holiday. Their goal is to travel as much as they can, on a budget and getting in touch with the local life and traditions, and trying the local food.
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Fabian and Michelle:

Meet Fabian and Michelle, they have been married for 5 years. Michelle, works as a pediatrician and Fabian is an entrepreneur. They are both workaholics but both love that traveling provides adventure while also allowing them time to rest, relax, recharge, rejuvenate and renew. Traveling also stimulates them intellectually. They both enjoy the opportunity to discover new cultures, learn their history, geography, architecture, and develop new skills. One of the most beneficial developments they felt they have acquired is self-growth, especially through a deeper perspective of the world. Their goal is to travel to every continent, visit at least 100 countries, and see the 7 wonders of the world. Their ultimate goal is to inspire others to travel through their travel experiences. Traveling is just what the doctor prescribed!
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Jing and Aquilla:

Meet Jing and Aquilla, their travel goal is to experience the amazing wonders of this world first hand, together as one. They love to inspire others with their adventures, while also showing that any destination together can be like a honeymoon. They have explored some amazing places so far! They love to travel because it gives them a sense of pure freedom. They find real excitement in exploring everywhere they go, whether it is a new and distant place or somewhere close by in their own backyard. They just love traveling and exploring new things with one another. They also love embracing all the different cultures, people, sites and cuisines when traveling. They believe traveling truly allows them to open up their hearts and minds.
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Jonathan and Lauren:

Meet Jonathan and Lauren, they have been together for four years, and throughout their time together they have always been avid travelers. They explore at least a few countries together every year, so by the time they got married this August they would have been to five continents and nine countries as a couple. For their honeymoon, Asia was one continent they were still missing, so they went to Bali and ticked Asia off their list. They’re both adventurers and value exciting experiences over other things, so they love to visit new places and create memories together. They plan to keep traveling the world together until they’re old, because there’s so much more to see.
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Leito and Antonia:

Meet Leito and Antonia, the dancing couple who loves to travel and dance all around the world! They love to discover traditional things each country they visit has to offer. They love to learn about the people, the cultural cuisines and anything that enriches their experience and love for travel. For these two life is not where you go, it’s who you travel with.
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Leslie and Martina:

Meet Leslie and Martin, they met on an airplane headed to Nairobi, Kenya. They often joke and say they were each other’s favorite travel souvenir. Travel has been an important part of their lives before they met and it continues to be as a married couple. They both have a thirst for experiencing and understanding how unique the world is. Travel is an opportunity to be exposed to different foods, cultures, customs and people which ultimately broadens their own thinking and realm of possibilities. Traveling helps them to think and dream bigger!  The laughs, figuring things out, new experiences and even disagreements while traveling, strengthen their relationship and leaves them with beautiful memories. They started a couple’s Instagram page and blog to inspire others to explore this beautiful world.
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Marco and Luisa:

Meet Marco and Luisa they are a young couple from Germany who just finished school together. Afterwards they decided not to immediately go to a university, but to take a gap year and travel the world. Their goals, not just in this year but also in the future will definitely involve traveling. They both love traveling because they like to make memories, go on as many adventures as possible, and make lots of new experiences, meeting strangers from all over the world. They both love the ability to see the world from others points of view. They both love to travel because they both love to see new places and create new experiences together. They are always so excited to see new things and to meet new people, but most importantly they just love to have fun.
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Paul and Kristel:

Meet Paul and Kristel, Kristel has been an avid traveler from the time she pretty much left her mother’s womb, she thanks her parents for giving her the travel bug. As she got older it became a bit harder to coordinate travel with friends, no one seemed to have the time, funds or willingness to commit. Luckily enough she met my husband in 2015, another avid traveler who hardly says no to any trip. In fact, their first trip together after just a few months of dating was to Thailand! What better way to test the waters than with 26 hours of flying and 10 days of being inseparable? Crazy, but it all worked out in the end! Fast forward a few years and they have visited over 25 countries together with the goal of capturing and making great memories, experiencing new cultures, eating a whole lot and enjoying life to the fullest. They are both grateful for the opportunity to see new worlds and are always fascinated on where life brings them.  Their passion for travel has brought them closer together. They look forward to continuing their journey together for years to come and hopefully be able to explore with their future family.
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Pete and Liz:

Meet Pete and Liz, they’ve been together for 6 years and absolutely love traveling together. It all started so innocently, they were just a couple planning a trip-date a couple months into their relationship. They had so much fun they just had to book another!!! The excitement of having quality time with each other and learning different cultures, they just knew they needed to do it again. Now 23+ countries later traveling together has become their escape from their day to day life with work and kids. Not only does it give them the ability to feel free but also the one on one  time that is needed in a relationship. They fall in love again every trip. It is their Couples’ Therapy and they get a bonus of seeing and learning the world together. Their travel goals are to visit at list 4 countries every year and share their experiences with the hope to inspire others to step out of their comfort zone and just travel.
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