Couples Corner

Welcome to our Couples Corner, where we feature couples traveling the world, who have joined our Road To 100 Countries travel movement.

Clayton and Jasmine:

Meet Clayton and Jasmine, they love to travel because it gives them the opportunity to see so many  different cultures. Every country they have visited, thus far, has had something different and beautiful to offer in it. Eventually they would like to do international, missionary work and give back to those less fortunate. Their main goal for traveling the world, is to help inspire others. They would like people who visit their Instagram pages to leave inspired.
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Gregory and Leneisha:

Meet Gregory and Leneisha, they met through Facebook messenger at the end of 2015. It was so random but they instantly started dating. They said they have definitely had their ups and downs, but their love for travel is just a small piece of  why they stuck together. Fast forward to today and they are currently traveling the world, enjoying each others time at some of the most exotic places, while building their brand and helping others along the way. Their travel goals are to visit at least 5 or more countries a year and visit all 7 wonders of the world. One of the greatest moments of their lives, while traveling, is that they recently got engaged in Santorini, Greece. They are enjoying every moment of their journey together and feel the best is yet to come.
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Jing and Aquilla:

Meet Jing and Aquilla, their travel goal is to experience the amazing wonders of this world first hand, together as one. They love to inspire others with their adventures, while also showing that any destination together can be like a honeymoon. They have explored some amazing places so far! They love to travel because it gives them a sense of pure freedom. They find real excitement in exploring everywhere they go, whether it is a new and distant place or somewhere close by in their own backyard. They just love traveling and exploring new things with one another. They also love embracing all the different cultures, people, sites and cuisines when traveling. They believe traveling truly allows them to open up their hearts and minds.
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Kyle and Mistie:

Meet Kyle and Mistie, they currently live in Las Vegas, Nevada, where they are professional illusionists. Their show has grown so large, they have literally taken the world by storm. Their show has taken them all over the world! In their 15 years together, they have traveled to 81 countries so far. They have performed in the Caribbean, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and South America. Because of their love of travel, they often choose gigs based solely on the itinerary. They fly a few hundred thousand miles a year performing all over the world and they definitely don’t let those air miles go to waste. When they have a break in their busy schedules, they use their miles for “fun” personal travel. They recently spent two weeks in Japan & Thailand doing just that. Kyle and Mistie love exploring new cultures and getting outside of their comfort zones, and trying anything adventurous.
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Leito and Antonia:

Meet Leito and Antonia, the dancing couple who loves to travel and dance all around the world! They love to discover traditional things each country they visit has to offer. They love to learn about the people, the cultural cuisines and anything that enriches their experience and love for travel. For these two life is not where you go, it’s who you travel with.
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Marcel and Gloria:

Meet Marcel and Gloria, they are a couple taking advantage of the opportunities presented to them. Their passion is traveling and seeing what the world has to offer. They enjoy exploring new countries and learning new cultures. Traveling with each other makes them happy, just being able to see the world and experience new things together, is a blessing. They love to inspire others while traveling, to show they too can travel, if they just take the time to. They believe the mindset should be that you can get money back but not time. Living life and filling the soul with dope travels and new adventures is the way to live. Their ultimate goal is to be able to travel the world for a living and help others while doing it.
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Maynor and Itzel:

Meet Pastors Maynor and Itzel, they have been married for 18 yrs and even though they are from different countries, cultures and backgrounds the one thing that unites them, and keeps them together is their love for each other, their faith and their desire to travel. The reality of it all is that they enjoy being together and seeing new places together. As of now they have been blessed to be able to visit  30 countries together while sharing their faith with each country they visit.  They absolutely love meeting new people, while experiencing that countries culture and food. Their goal is to visit as many places and meet as many people as they can, while learning as much as they can from each place they visit.
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Peter and Sandra:

Meet Peter and Sandra, an actor and a designer, who met and fell in in love in London 2 years ago and ever since, they have been exploring an amazing life together around the world.  They are two creative minds that love exploring different cultures, traditions and writing their own tales. From the wilderness to the civilized art, these two are always seeking the next adventure.
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Remi and Tina:

Meet Remi and Tina, they love travelling either as a couple, with friends or in small or large groups. They both work so hard that travelling is their therapeutic medicine. They love to explore, educate themselves, and see different cultures. To them it is the best form of self-care. They always come home invigorated and ready for the next challenge. They believe travel,  genuinely makes for a happier marriage. They both hope to one day become story tellers to their future children, so they can give them the same sense of adventure & opportunities.
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Steffon and Ashley:

Meet Steffon and Ashley,  they first fell in love with each other, then then fell in love with traveling! Whether it’s for relaxation or in search of adventure they both enjoy making memories in new destinations. They travel the world in search of exciting new experiences and love sharing their journey to inspire others to do the same. Their goal is to learn something new everywhere they go.
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