Family Fun

Welcome to our Family Fun page, where we feature families traveling the world, who have joined our Road To 100 Countries travel movement.

Alex and Ahesha’s Family: 

Meet Alex and Ahesha’s family, the words “family travel,” are the two most important words in their lives these days. As travel agents, not only do they get to book amazing vacations for their clients, but they also enjoy spoiling their family by traveling with them as often as they can and never paying full price to do it. Growing up, Ahesha was never able to travel, her very first plane ride was a 13-hour flight to Africa at 19 years old. It was a horrible flight, but the trip was AMAZING! When she returned home, she promised herself that she would see as much of the world as she could and make sure her children did the same. Not only did she keep her promise, but her and Alex started the kids out traveling pretty early as well. They also make sure they take time away for adult only trips, so it helps to keep things exciting. Their love of travel helped Ahesha conquer her fear of heights and was one of the reasons she learned to swim. She wanted to make the most of their vacations instead of watching others enjoy themselves. They love to travel because it reminds them of how small the world can be and how connected they truly are.
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Anthony and Lisa’s Family:

Meet Anthony and Lisa’s family, they love travel so much that they named their daughter, Journey. Flying since she was only 13 weeks old, she has flown over 15,000 miles, on 9 flights domestic and abroad. From the Queen’s Palace in London to the Grand Canyon of Arizona, journey is definitely living up to her name. Anthony and Lisa’s goals are to visit all 7 continents along with the 50 states in the U.S. With 39 states and 4 continents under their belts, they are more than halfway there. The only thing that stops them from traveling full-time are their careers, but they are working on a plan to be job free in the future, so they can do more of what they love…travel. The biggest tip they have for anyone reading this, is to never let anyone tell you that you cannot travel due to having a child. If anything, they have traveled more this year than in the past because they couldn’t wait to show their daughter the world and teach her that traveling is the only thing you can buy that will make you richer.
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Cory and Kameko’s family:

Meet Cory and Kameko’s family, their travel goal as a family is to be an advocate for young minority families like themselves. They want to inspire others but they also want to show value and lessons in everyday life to their daughter and when their son arrives!! They feel there is so much more out there than the country they live in. It is important for their family to experience different cultures and see how other foreigners live. They love meeting new people and making new friends while traveling. They feel experiencing and meeting different kinds of people at a young age will avoid ignorance towards other cultures growing up. Cory and Kameko believe textbooks are over rated and that the true education to one’s culture is immerse themselves into others culture when they travel. They want to break the stereotype people have that never traveled and for their kids to know the difference. Cory and Kameko, feel that traveling as a family gives them the opportunity to grow and spend quality time with each other that they wouldn’t normally get back home, in New York, because of work and school.
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James and Monet’s Family:

Meet James and Monet’s family, they travel as a family because they are trying to raise global citizens. Many people question why they travel with their kids while they are so young. James and Monet believe their experiences will shape them into adults who aren’t afraid of people because they look different than them, speak a different language, or eat different foods. They are learning how to become flexible and adapt quickly to new situations or when things don’t go as planned. Most importantly they love the memories they create from their travels. Their favorite motto is, “Why wait for tomorrow when you have today!”
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Kiamarie and Family: 

Meet Kiamarie and her daughters, when Kiamarie first started traveling with her daughters she thought it would be all about fun. Although most of what they do is surely amazing, she quickly realized visiting new places and doing new things was more than just fun. It was meeting new and interesting people, appreciating different cultures, trying new cuisines, exposing her children to the less fortunate to help them appreciate what they already have, being one with nature, finding the courage together to do the things they wouldn’t normally do back home. They absolutely love to put another pin in their map when they return from a place they just traveled to. As a family, they truly appreciate all that they have experienced thus far and can’t wait to continue to cross amazing locations off of their list.
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Kindel and LaToya’s Family:

Meet Kindel and LaToya’s family, traveling the world as a family means everything to these parents. Their kids are straight A students, so they do their best to keep them focused and educated. One of their ways of keeping them focused is traveling the world with them. It’s totally different when scoping out different countries and cultures with the naked eye then reading it from a text book. Just to feel…to explore…to be in the midst of it all, gathering key ingredients from different perspectives and different walks of life makes all it worth it. Spending moments like these as a family is priceless. Hearing our children’s thoughts and views of how they felt from visiting the rural areas to the more touristy areas gives us renowned faith in our kids, knowing that every where has its own struggles and their own happiness. It’s all how you capture those very moments and live in it. Traveling as a family gives us more precious time together. Their goals are to visit 100 countries and collect a piece of every country and share it with the world in their photos.
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Oba and Betsy’s Family:

Meet Oba and Betsy’s family, they started traveling together internationally in 2012 when they visited Italy for a 2 week vacation. They enjoyed it so much that we made a commitment to see as much of the world as possible.  Traveling became such a passion for them that they decided to have a destination wedding in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.  Before having children they both traveled because they simply enjoyed the adventure and escaping the rut of daily life.  Since having children, they enjoy traveling as a family because they want their children to be exposed to different cultures and gain a different appreciation to life.  One of their favorite quotes is “Better to see something ONCE than to hear about it a THOUSAND times.”
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Paul and Karilyn’s Family:

Meet Paul and Karilyn’s family, they have always loved to travel, but once they had their son it became even more important to show him the world in all its beauty. They have found that through travel their son, Cian, has had a greater understanding and appreciation of people, cultures and the differences and similarities that unite us. Their travel goals as a family it to see as many of the world’s endangered animals in their natural habitat as possible, learning languages and trying lots of new foods. Paul, Karilyn and their son Cian are heading off on an animal care project called a ‘gap year’ to do volunteer work and explore as much as the world they can.
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Trevor and Zaida’s Family:

Meet Trevor and Zaida’s family, their travel goals are to visit 2 countries each year with their family and to eventually gradually increase that amount. Prior to having kids, Trevor and Zaidad, loved to travel because they both liked adventure, new exploration, and to learn new things together. Now that they have children, they enjoy traveling with them because they can share their passion for travel and expose them to different cultures, different climates, different foods and enhance their lives through hands on experiences in addition to their academic curriculum.
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Quron and Danielle’s Family:

Meet Quron and Danielle’s family. They started traveling with their children very early on. Both boys actually celebrated their first birthday’s abroad; in Mexico and Australia. It’s always been extremely important for them to immerse their children into other cultures and diverse environments. They want their sons Parker and Logan to grow up truly envisioning themselves as citizens of the world. Exposing them to different foods and increasing their tolerance for discomfort has been crucial to their growth and adaptability. This opportunity wasn’t afforded to Quron and Danielle as children, so they have made it an emphasis of their children’s’ childhood development. For the foreseeable future travel will continue to be a staple in their children’s education as well as satisfying their family’s thirst for adventure.
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