Solo Section

Welcome to our Solo Section, where we feature solo travelers traveling the world, who have joined our Road To 100 Countries travel movement.


Meet Amanda, she’s just a girl who wants to see the world! For her, traveling has expanded her confidence, knowledge base, cultural competency, outlook on life, and patience; just to name a few. Amanda’s goal is to travel to as many places as she can in the world, but not just to say she went or to snap a great pic. She does it because she loves the way traveling moves her soul and pushes her out of her comfort zone. Traveling, solo or not, forces one to learn who they are and how to be comfortable with that. Once you discover how amazing you are, you realize there’s no price tag for that! Amanda, loves traveling for all of the unwritten and unexpected surprises that it brings to her life.
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Meet Devorah, she says traveling has played a pivotal role in her growth as an adult. She has learned things about herself that she probably wouldn’t have if she stayed in her familiar surroundings. Devorah says she has never cared for architecture until she visited the Buddhist temples of Thailand, nor has she ever liked red wine until she tried it in Italy and she never cared for nature until she visited Peru. She’s sure there are plenty of people out there stuck in their normal routines who haven’t stepped out of their comfort zones and learned more about themselves. She encourages everyone to remove themselves from their familiar surroundings at least once, even if it’s to a different city for a weekend. Devorah believes that travel gives her that sense of independence and finding her own way is very liberating.
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Meet Elisa, she started traveling from a young age being that her parents are from Latin America and she holds a dual citizenship. Her studies of world art and fashion, however, peaked her interest in what the world had to offer. As a solo traveler one of her goals is to backpack for 30 days across Europe. One of her favorite places to get lost in the world is Boquete, Panama.
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Meet Jennifer, she’s traveled to 17 countries so far… and counting. Jennifer takes delight in the total experience of venturing off to new lands, sampling new foods and exchanging pleasantries with people from around the world. Some of her latest travel goals include island hopping in the East Caribbean and exploring cities in the U.S. Beyond that, she’s setting her sights on South America and the South Pacific. As a teacher, she looks for ways to motivate her students to expand their horizons, by showing them her travels. She’s so grateful for the ability to travel because it inspires her to inspire others. Jennifer believes travel is indeed the best education one could receive.
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Meet Jessica, she loves traveling for so many reasons! She believes travel is the best way to learn about new cultures, food and history in an interactive and personal way. She loves speaking to the locals as they are so knowledgeable and often keen to share all their experiences of their hometown. This insider information makes any trip that much more special. Also, Jessica feels it’s a great opportunity to practice her Spanish in places like Spain and Latin America. She plans to be fluent in Spanish as she plans to complete visiting all countries in South America. Her travel goals for the future are to eventually see all 7 continents of the world, she’s completed 5 so far, so she’s well on her way. She would also like to visit at least 10 more African countries so she can show everyone just how magnificent the motherland is.
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Meet Katrina, her travel goals are to see and experience as many countries as she can while she is able to. Katrina, travels for the love of cultures and the worldly experience. It’s a never-ending feeling of excitement when she steps into a new country. She feels she has only one life to live so it’s only right to live her life seeing the beauty of the world that God has created.
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Meet Lisa, she says traveling is a true passion of hers and it genuinely fills her soul with joy. She absolutely loves meeting new people and learning about different cultures. She’s so proud of her own culture, being Jamaican, and sharing her Caribbean background everywhere she goes, from the food, to the music, to the history, to the people, which excites her to broaden her knowledge globally. Lisa plans to keep traveling until she visits all 7 continents and all the countries in the world. So far, she has visited 4 continents and 29 countries. Her next bucket list travel goals are to visit Thailand, Indonesia, South Africa, Greece and the Maldives very soon.
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Meet Marcela, travel has been a major part of her life ever since she turned 18 and got her driver’s license. Since then, she has lived in 8 countries across 3 continents and has traveled to 65 countries so far. Marcela, is one with an inquisitive mind and a zest for adventure. When traveling she gets a sense of joy and fulfillment that is hard to find anywhere else. Learning about new cultures, how people live, their history and what makes them tick are some of the things she enjoys most about traveling the world. Rather than travel to just check off that she’s been, she prefers the immersive style of travel where she truly gets to experience at least part of what the country is about. Marcela, has always prided herself on being someone who follows her dreams. So earlier on this year she quit her corporate job and decided to dedicate even more of her time to following her passion for travel. So far, she couldn’t be happier.
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Meet Mary, she travels for the authentic experiences and priceless memories she creates along the way. Through her travels, she really enjoys most, learning about other people’s culture and traditions. It also connects her with other travelers and locals where they share adventures and sometimes become lifelong friends. With these in mind, her goal is to share, inspire and give happiness to others as she travels in this beautiful world.
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Meet Sarah, she says being a solo nomad is such a unique experience. She says having the ability to pick up and go wherever you want as long as your wallet allows… now that’s freedom. She loves traveling because the world is so vast, every part of the world holds its own beauty and unique culture. Being able to immerse herself in that… nothing beats it. Her only goal is to live a happy and fulfilling life, and by experiencing this beautiful world, she is doing just that.
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