Bahrain, officially the Kingdom of Bahrain, is an island country in the Persian Gulf, comprising more than 30 islands in the Arabian Gulf. The sovereign state comprises a small archipelago centered around Bahrain Island, situated between the Qatar peninsula and the north eastern coast of Saudi Arabia. During our visit to Bahrain in January 2019, we visited historical monuments and landmarks, including the Bahrain Fort, a UNESCO world heritage archaeological site. The area is thought to have been occupied for about 5,000 years and contains a valuable insight into the Copper and Bronze Ages of Bahrain. We  visited one of the largest mosques in the world, the Ahmed Al Fateh Grand Mosque, which encompasses 6,500 square meters and has the capacity to accommodate over 7,000 worshipers at a time. Next, we toured the Bahrain International Circuit, a Motorsport venue and home of the Bahrain Grand Prix. We also visited the acclaimed Bahrain National Museum which showcases artifacts from the ancient Dilmun civilization that flourished in the region for a millennia.

Bahrain Gallery

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