Black American Couple Reaches Their Goal Of Traveling To 100 Countries In 5 Yrs Published by Princewill

This black American couple, Dr. Sheba and Ronnie Dunston have just reached their ultimate baecation goal of traveling to 100 countries in the World in five-years.

The couple visited Russia, India, Cuba, Romania, Bosnia, Maldives, Canada, Colombia, Northern Ireland , and
Macedonia among many others, and they always made sure they were pictured kissing in all of the countries they visited.
Taking to Instagram to celebrate, upon achieving their goal of traveling to 100 countries, the husband wrote:

We made it to Mauritius ?? !!! Our 100th Country visited together, with my beautiful Melanin Queen ? Dr. Sheba. (@getfitwithdrsheba )
This moment is so bittersweet. We never thought we would accomplish this goal in so little time, especially with both of us working full time jobs, 40+ hrs a week. We had no sponsors, no donations, no travel agents, no one to help us, all we had was each other.

We knew we wanted to travel the world, at least half of it, but after looking into the cost of travel we are like OMG this ish is EXPENSIVE. How are we going to do this? Being entrepreneurs at heart, we tried to figure out how we can make most of our travel FREE ?. After all KNOWLEDGE is the key to all SUCCESS stories.

So we sat, and strategically developed what we like to call “The Tricks to Travel.” Using points, miles, and strategic systems, we were able to visit 100 countries together in 5yrs.’
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