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The Tricks to Travel System ®, aims to teach strategies on how to travel the world for a fraction of the cost.  Our system is comprised of 50+ how-to videos, where we show you step by step how to maximize the points and miles systems to travel essentially for free. In addition to our system, we also provide access to our exclusive, private Tricks to Travel Facebook group, where we provide even more travel tips and tricks and assist you with any additional questions or support. Our goal is to change your travel mindset and help provide everyone with the knowledge and resources to travel the world at a fraction of the cost.
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What is the Tricks 2 Travel all about? Watch this 2 minute video!

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Natasha W.
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Hannah C.
Nicole D.
Michelle A.
Aprile W.
Annie B.
Xavana J.
Craig H.
Kim M.
Jasmine H.
Tiffany H.
Christina H.
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Melissa F.
Acamea H.
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Courtney W.
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Chadrick B.
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Donette J.
Kimberly H.
Erika W.
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Tina B.
Lashawn W.
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Shannon H.
Giovanna & Adrianna
Aisha R.
Dana F.
Loida and Xavier H.
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Marlon and Judith W.
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Tricks to Travel System
Course Reviews 

Volume 2: Now I know what cards to get!

This volume was very exciting, because now I know what cards to get and which ones to use for what. This was really helpful and will have me earning more miles in no time!

Lenise Chege

Volume 2: Great course

Great course!

Rosetta Colvin

Volume 1: This is a must if you want to save money on your travels!

Volume 1 of Tricks to Travel is a game changer! It has already benefited me and I have yet to fully implement everything I’ve learned. There is a plethora of topics covered and the content is organized in a way that is easy to follow and find specific information. Your progress is also saved so no need to worry if you have to pause your learning. You can just pick up right where you left off. This came in very handy for me! I highly recommend Tricks to Travel-Volume 1. It will not disappoint.

Tara McDonald

Volume 2: Great course!

Another, great course. I thought Volume 1 was all I needed, but Volume 2 is the masterpiece that will take your travels to the next level.

Tyone Stratton

Volume 2: LOVE IT!

This course was excellent! One of my favorite parts is when Ronnie broke down points earned/categories for various cards. The bonus is having access to a downloadable version! That’s going to make things much easier when deciding to select which cards I want to sign up for. This section alone is worth $49! I was leery about signing up for multiple cards, but this course taught me ways to properly close cards if I need to without lowering my score (I don’t play about my excellent credit #800 club lol). I would tell you more but I rather you purchase the course and see for yourself!

Tiffany Ross

Volume 2: is the best!

Volume 2 was jam packed with excellent information to help advance me in my ability to earn points and miles that will help me get to the destinations on our travel list.  The invaluable information helped me gain more confidence in my ability to earn the most points available.  The videos are user-friendly and the ongoing Zoom meetings have provided the opportunity to ask questions in real time.
I highly recommend this course to the occasional traveler all the way to the avid travelers!  Ronnie will NOT lead you wrong! 👍🏼

Renee Moyd

Volume 2: Another Awesome Course

This breakdown of airline rewards and even which cards to get was all I needed to get started on my journey with points. Awesome as always. Thanks Ronnie!

Barbara Chaney

Volume 2: If you want to learn about travel hacking, you NEED this in your life!!!

I LOVED Volume 2 of the Tricks to Travel System! I was blown away at the content. It’s detailed, super straight-forward and is presented in a way that isn’t crazy confusing. Loved even more detail than Volume 1 (of which I was blown away at the content especially for the price point!). At $49.99, this course is a, NO BRAINER and STEAL. If you want to learn about travel hacking, you NEED this in your life. Thank you, Ronnie and Dr., Sheba!

Kreithchele Barnard

Volume 2: Taking Points and Miles to the Next Level

I thought I was good after volume #1, but after vol #2 I now know how to optimize my spending to get the very most out of every dollar. I’m taking my points and miles game to the next level. Instead of just getting the minimum, I now maximize every purchase to get me closer to save thousands on my next trip.
Thank you, Ronnie, for diligently walking through the exact steps I need to take to get to the next free flight and stay.

Paul Butts

Volume 1: Ahhhhmazing!

This course was so informative and there were so many things I learned. I’m so excited to use what I learned to have my family travel with me all over the world. I’m so excited to start volume 2! Thanks so much Ronnie!

Lenise Chege

Volume 1: Very Thorough

Great information, everything was very thorough. I loved it, thank you for this invaluable info. I can’t wait to checkout Volume 2.

Tyone Stratton

Volume 2: Great course!

Volume 1 was a good introductory course but volume 2 is the meat and potatoes! It really delves into how to earn points for just about every good travel card. I can’t wait for volume 3!

Krystalynn Merrells

Volume 2: A must take course

Volume 2 is a must if you want to stay on top of the travel hacking game

Angelica Arteaga

Volume 1: Informative content

This course completely opened my eyes to the possibility of traveling more frequently. Ronnie is thorough with his information and I like that everything he speaks about comes from his own personal experience. The information is easy to understand and overall, this course is a great starting point for traveling for free and or on a budget. Love it!

Wendy Mejia

Volume 1: Tried & True

I hesitated to leave a review of the course until I put the teachings in use for myself. While It’s motivational to see others use it and say it’s great, I needed to see it work for ME & my family (2 adults, 1 teen, 1 preteen).
After really getting back to travel post-ish pandemic and taking single, family, & girls’ trips I can safely say this course is amazing! I have learned a lot and saved so much money. What really sets Ronnie’s courses apart is the additional support received in the exclusive FB group. He and others in the group share so much knowledge and keep us all abreast of the latest changes to the points & miles programs and how they make it work for them. I have even shared details on how I saved money on a group trip to Jamaica and family trip to Puerto Rico. Then there’s the many domestic trips, cruises, & other international trips we’ve taken in the last 2 years. I can’t wait to share how I’m taking my youngest 2 children to Hawaii for just $33.60 total for flights & hotels! This is just off the initial volume 1 & FB group knowledge. I have already purchased and started Volume 2 and at only 12% I’ve already learned so much more. I am anxiously awaiting Volume 3 (already pre-ordered).

Crystal Jones

Volume 2: Hands down the Best!!

If you’re looking to travel for free and do not know how – these videos are for you! Ronnie breaks down everything from A to Z. I recommend these videos to people that are beginners and/or advanced because you can always learn something new from his videos.

Acamea Holmes

Volume 2: The course exceeded my expectations!

Volume 2 has amazing content and was able to travel hack to Japan with all the tricks Ronnie shared. Thank you.

Dina Visram

Volume 2: Extremely Beneficial

I recently had the pleasure of using the Tricks to Travel system for booking my family’s vacation, and I must say, it was an excellent experience. Ronnie, the owner of the company, is incredibly responsive, which made navigating the system a breeze.
Not only was the system easy to use, but we were able to find travel options that met our budget and preferences. With Ronnie’s guidance and support, we were able to find the perfect vacation that suited our needs and exceeded our expectations.
Ronnie’s customer service skills are top-notch, and he was always available to answer any questions we had and provided us with detailed information about some of the destinations we were considering.
Overall, I would highly recommend the Tricks to Travel system to anyone looking to book their next vacation. Ronnie’s responsiveness and expertise make the process seamless and stress-free. Thanks to Tricks to Travel, my family had an unforgettable vacation.

Patrice Lancaster

Volume 2: Ready to level up?? Get Volume 2!

If you want to have your mind blown about how easy this really is…. take Volume 2!! You will be traveling for FREE if you follow Ronnie’s advice! This information is priceless and honestly undervalued! The T2T information pays for itself once you start accumulating points and miles. We know the system works. There are 1000s of success stories. You can win too! Buy this course and share it with your travel crew!

Millicent Whaley

Volume 2: Next Level!!

There’s no other way to describe this course other than Next Level!! Volume 1 provided a comprehensive overview to get you familiar with travel hacking and looking at travel differently. Volume 2 really turned up the intensity for those who truly seek to travel like the rich and famous, but without breaking the bank!! I have booked free luxury properties and flights (in some cases business class tickets) using what I learned from the T2T System. I’m talking about Maldives, Zanzibar, Istanbul, Seychelles and Tahiti to name a few. I can only imagine what nuggets of wisdom Volume 3 beholds!!

Tiffany Herring

Volume 1: A Masterclass

This is truly a masterclass on how to travel the world.

Antoinette Harris

Volume 1: Best in Class

This is hands down the best breakdown of how to travel for free! Ronnie breaks everything down in a very simple way. He provides step-by-step instructions on how to do everything. I recommend his videos to all of my friends and family!

Acamea Holmes

Volume 1: I wish I had known this information years ago! Glad that I know now!!!

Volume one was more than I had expected. Such great information. I’m happy to be a part of the family!

Reginna Criswell

Volume 1: Wow!

I’m new to this. Never knew people traveled like this! Thank you for sharing all of this awesome information!

Regina Johnson

Volume 1: Excellent course

Excellent course, when it comes to Hilton vs. Marriott, I am team HILTON now, thank you for all the information!

Pandora Carroll

Volume 1: Highly Recommended

This course was definitely a great investment! I’ve learned so much and I can’t wait to start applying the techniques so that I can save more on my travel, earn rewards and get more bang for my buck!

Tiffany Ross

Volume 1: Awesome resource for both new and experienced travelers

I have been traveling internationally for 30 years. The knowledge I have gained from the Tricks to Travel series has allowed me to not only travel more frequently to destinations I may have not traditionally considered BUT I now also save thousands of dollars on luxury travel or travel for free! The access to the FB group I received when purchasing travel volume 1 has been an invaluable tool as well. I highly recommend the Tricks to Travel Series to anyone who would love to travel the world but not spend all their money while doing so.

Jacqueline Mitchell

Volume 1: Enlightenment!!!!!!

This was so much information broken down that it made me pause and readjust something I was doing to make travel cheaper by knowing and working the system. This is sooo worth it. You have to see for yourself. Don’t take my word for it. BUY IT!!!!!!!

Venus Anderson

Volume 2: Bag O”Tricks

Once again this is different from other travel courses as it really does provide “tricks”, things I may not have considered. My favorite being buying a car and putting a portion on a credit card. We need 3 new cars (about to have a driving teen) so this was timely for me.

Twila Logan

Volume 2: Great Content!!!

Hello Ronnie and T2T group, thank you Ronnie for the time and research put into this valuable info. I’ve learned so much and can’t wait to get started on Volume 3!

Torian Eddie

Volume 1: Loved it!!!

Volume I got me started on my best Credit card journey. I have been living a Cash Lifestyle because I didn’t care to be in CC debt BUT after Ronnie broke down a methodology for using these CCs in my favor, racking up points… I am all in. I used his referral links and I now have AMEX Platinum, DELTA Platinum, Hilton and Chase. Lol…I got all of them in a matter of days and I am LOVING it.
I’m super excited about making my usual purchases work for me. Money that I spend anyway! I am definitely making it work for me. The next thing is for me to decide where I finally wanna go. Too many choices 🙂 Lol!!! Thanks Ronnie and Sheba… You’re both appreciated. Thank you for living out loud.

Esosa Saint Cyr

Volume 1: Tricks 2 Travel V1

Lots of great information that I will definitely be putting to use to help reach my travel goals.

Christopher Martinez

Volume 1: Making it accessible for all

I have to say right off the bat you save me $$$. I was just about to sign up for a very expensive card consultation, I wanted to learn how to fish before getting too far down the rabbit hole. The information here is invaluable, concise and very well structured. I can’t wait to dive into volume 2!

Ps as a Canadian I can really appreciate the “thank you” you gave after each chapter 😃

Stephanie Toms

Volume 1: Tricks to Travel Review

This course was easy to digest and lots of detailed information was provided. Definitely worth the price!

Ronette Arthur

Volume 1: Good Information

Very good information. We don’t travel much but hope we will be able to take advantage of your tricks to travel when we do travel. Thank you!

Shirley Lewis

Volume 1: Tricks to Travel Review

I went through the whole course and it taught me a lot. Now I get to go back and re-play what I need to go over again. I love the fact that it is available after I have watched it once. I am still learning. Still trying to be like Ronnie and family.

Davina Minnix

Volume 1: Travel Hacking for All of Us

I really enjoyed and benefited from this course. I’ve seen some of the info elsewhere and got the impression it was a game for big spenders. But Ronnie does a really great job of bringing it down to earth and showing how someone like me, with an average income, can use these tips to travel well and get extra perks. I really appreciate it and can’t wait to book my first trip with points!

Barbara Chaney

Tricks to Travel System Volume 1

Very informative! The videos were straight to the point! Can’t wait to see what the next 2 volumes have for me. Thanks, Ronnie! I do not regret investing in your Tricks to Travel System. Nice work 🙌🏻

Hawa Jerry

Volume 1: AMAZING!!!

This course was well worth the money and I’m certain any others will be as well!! It is information overload in a very good way!

Crystal Melchor

Volume 1: Gems

The info in this course is priceless! Definitely consider taking it if you want to travel all the time and save $$$ doing so

Anita Mitchell

Volume 1: What’s the Point?

The point is to rack up the points and see the world! I have safely traveled to 21 countries and accumulated 3 million points during my travel adventures. My most memorable trip was spending a week in the Maldives using a combination of Marriott free night award certificates and points. Thanks to Ronnie for his tips and tricks!

Shanta Hall

Volume 1: Great information

The course has a wealth of information. While I already knew some of it, I was happy to learn a few more tricks to travel.

Grace Gichuru

Volume 1: So good!

I have never used points but feel so confident that I and my family of 6 can and will be able to leverage the information in this course and start travelling more while saving money!

Sharon Malvas-Tsumba

Volume 2: Awesome!

Awesome! I learned so much!

Tina Bacon

Volume 1: The course exceeded my expectations!

Ronnie is an excellent educator who really knows travel hacking at a very high level, He’s obviously enthusiastic about the topic and that made the course very enjoyable. He was willing to share his knowledge even if I had questions that went beyond the course material in the private Facebook group. The course exceeded my expectations in many regards — especially in the depth of information supplied. I liked that the course included step-by-step tutorials that provided very detailed information in a quick and efficient manner. It taught me what I was looking to learn, was well organized, and well-paced. I’m already applying what I learned to book my next trip with family. Looking forward to Volume 2 and 3 courses.

Dina Visram

Volume 1: Overall Review

This was very detailed and informative. Great tips on utilizing tools to save on travel.

Monique Griffin

Volume 1: Great Course!

T2T was the course I was looking for to catapult my travel life by using points and miles. The system seemed so daunting trying to teach myself. This course breaks it down into little digestible bites of information that you do not get overwhelmed by. This course is also very affordable in comparison to others that are using the exact same strategies. I am thankful I was introduced to the course via social media. I hope this review encourages you to do the same!

Millicent Whaley

Volume 1: If you want to learn about travel hacking, you NEED this in your life!!!

I LOVED Volume 1 of the Tricks to Travel System! I was blown away at the content. It’s detailed, super straight-forward and is presented in a way that isn’t crazy confusing. If you ever wanted to learn about travel hacking, this course is a NO BRAINER. And at $19.99 this is a STEAL. I’ve paid more than this for other travel hacking courses that weren’t as detailed. If you want to learn about travel hacking, you NEED this in your life. Thank you Ronnie and Dr. Sheba!

Kreithchele Barnard

Volume 1: here really are no tricks; just a strategic and systematic approach to maximize the travel experience!

The course was designed to give the traveler the needed tools to be able to maximize their money and afford travel in a way that doesn’t cause a strain on the budget. I’d recommend the course to anyone and am looking forward to traveling the T2T way from now on.

Elecisha Pope-Bradford

Volume 1:Tricks to Travel

I thought this was a great course. The teaching was very simple with practical steps to follow. It gave me an outline on how to realign what I am already doing to best meet my travel needs.

Shandra Parks

Volume 1: The best travel investment I’ve made!

This course has taught me so many things I didn’t know about travel. Since completing the course, I’ve purchased 4 flights using points, upgraded to business class for $0 and I have used points to book hotels too. I have saved so much money by investing in this course. Get the course!

Krystalynn Merrells

Volume 2: The blueprint of travel!

This volume is the blueprint on everything you need to know when it comes to traveling and racking up points! I loved the extensive breakdown of the different cards which helped me to make my decision on which card best fits my needs. There were some things I thought I knew until the modules shed some light. Every person who travels or makes purchases in general will benefit from watching the Tricks to Travel volumes. Awesome!!!!!

Charity Dunham

Volume 1: Everything you need to know in one spot!

Whether starting on awards travel or you know something about it, this is a great place to learn everything or review what you know. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn something new and expand your knowledge. No need to go to multiple pages looking for information and Ronnie makes the videos short, concise and easy to follow from his own travel experiences. The T2T FB community is a great place to share information too.

Monica Wiley

Volume 1: Very helpful course!

I already had a few travel credit cards and benefits coming into the course so I was unsure what I could learn, but the content was awesome! I loved the ease of scrolling, going back to view videos, tons of content and very personal passion for travel :). Highly recommend!!

Jessica Willis

Volume 1: Great course, now on to Volume 2!

I am so glad I learned about this course, it had so much helpful information in it that it was much easier to start my journey using points and other tricks to travel. I’m in the process of planning a trip now with the information I learned here and I can see already how much I will be able to save using points.

Kenisha Ford

Volume 2: Next level material!

Ronnie takes it to the next level with this course! He shares so many tricks and his own experiences to help you choose what will work for your own travel goals. Highly recommend for anyone thinking they have the basics and are ready for more!

Tina Erickson

Volume 1: Went from Oblivious to Astute Traveler for a Jackson in a Week

Prior to taking this course, I was completely oblivious to points and miles. I was the Expedia and Orbitz girl. If it wasn’t on Travelzoo, I didn’t know about specials. Between work and mom duties, traveling kept falling on the back burner due to cost and lack of time. I immediately learned of all the free benefits accessible to me and the best credit card option(s) that could help me reach my traveling goals. All for just a Jackson aka twenty bucks (I jumped on the discounted rate). Ronnie is extremely detailed and helped me demystify the idea that traveling was too expensive or that I had to get into massive amount of debt to visit countries like Bora Bora or Maldives. He is always a message away and with the T2T community, I felt like a well-informed traveler. I became a savvy traveler overnight and have already increased my vacations to at least four times a year for the same price of one. I recommend this course if experiencing the world makes you happy and saving money makes you even happier.

Astrid Ferguson

Volume 2: So much detail and info!

This Volume got down to nitty gritty and I loved it! I was taking my sweet time on this, but wanted to finish before the new year and ya know what… no regrets! I learned some things I didn’t know before and then reinforced things I already knew. It was great to have this and the breakdown. Will definitely come back to some sections and dig deeper as they come up. Thank you, Ronnie!

Rica Molet

Volume 1: Travel tips overview

Quick course for an overview of travel tricks and tips.

Tina Erickson

Volume 1: A must have

Volume 1 is truly a great intro to what should be considered a “master class” in traveling. I’ve left so many points on the table over the years by not utilizing my credit cards and the points the correct way, with these killer travel hacks. My fiancé and I are looking forward to exploring the many exotic destinations the world has to offer; with points of course. I can’t wait to see what volume 2 has in store.

Leonard Taylor

Volume 1: Enjoyed it!!

Very informative and well put together!

Jim Hargro

Volume 2: This is the plug

This course is a necessity to understand the best current Tricks to Travel.

Destini Bowman

Volume 2: Great Volume 2 of Tricks to Travel!!

I thought Volume 1 was amazing, but Volume 2 was a lot more to take in, but also more informative! I appreciate all of this information and will be applying these techniques in my travels. Thank you!

Tonya Jordan


I am very excited to learn the tricks to travel. Volume1 provided so much information! I plan to use everything I’ve learned starting with the first trip top of 2023. Thanks to the Dunston Family!

Aneisha Johnson

Volume 1: Amazing!!!!

I was amazed how easy it was to follow the course. All questions I had were answered in the course. Amazing job putting this great material together. I really enjoyed it and would definitely recommend it to people. Thank you.

Vitaly Dreval

Volume 1: Beginner friendly

Volume 1 provided useful and detailed information about how to travel for free and maximize the points and miles system. Prior to the course, I was confused on which cards I should utilize, but after viewing the videos, I had a better understanding of which cards would benefit me and my family. I’ve enjoyed the course and look forward to the next volume.

Bridget Dunlap-Williams

Volume 1: Excellent Value

Excellent Value, thorough beginner information. Looking forward to going through Vol 2

Chris DuVall

Volume 2: Awesome course!

Awesome course!! Volume 2 provided great information which helped me see I can also travel like a Boss. Can you say Q-suites with points and miles; buy the course, you will not regret it.

Lakeita Horn

Volume 2: Wonderful course!

Another wonderful and informative course! I will definitely use the material for future reference.

Consolate Oburu

Volume 1: Amazing!

Thank you for all of the tips, the program is so insightful!!

Nasima Moody

Volume 1: The most comprehensive way to learn the art of travel

This course was so inspiring and motivating to help my family and I go on trips of a life time every year!!! Ronnie makes accumulating points so easy and simple. This is an asset to any traveler!!!

Chris Barry

Volume 2: Just when I thought t2t couldn’t get better!

I was blown away at how much more I learned in T2T Vol 2. Thank you so much Ronnie for putting this all together for us!!! Can’t wait for Vol 3.

Chris Barry

Volume 2: Excellent course!

Ronnie is a great teacher. All of the information is presented in an easy-to-understand way that will lead to your own road to 100 countries.

Monica Williams

Volume 2: Is the next step into a world of smarter traveling.

Volume 2 of the tricks to travel system will have you planning smarter for aspirational trips. Ronnie explains in depth obtaining points across the board, how to book reward flights, and the proper way to request free hotel suite upgrades. One thing is for certain, you won’t be leaving any points on the table after completing this course!

Rashaun Andrews

Volume 2: The Crucial Travel Course that Continues to pay for Itself

Once again, Ronnie has put forth five-star quality effort and research into his videos that never disappoint. He keeps us in the T2T Travel group and always available to give his priceless input and advice when you need him. He seriously outdoes his competitors and other travel content creators in terms of content, quality of video production, effort and the most important aspect, PRICE. He won’t try to price gouge and empty your wallet. I do have a few recommendations for future videos. I hope he follows up with what he said in the credit transfer video and produce with additional videos on how to transfer available credit from other banks in addition to American Express as well as speaking on banks that are inquiry sensitive. This, in addition to the credit transfer videos, would be EXTREMELY helpful and useful for folks who get declined credit cards for various reasons. I know he seldom gets declined or said no from the big banks, but for those of us that are trying to keep up with him, we need a backup plan that helps to minimize an application declination which would also minimize a wasted ping and hard pull on our credit scores. This would put him in the avant-guard category and ahead of his competitors as I have yet to see other travel content creators post about this. Either way and in any case, the videos are very organized and they have a good organizational “flow” to them as was the case in Volume 1. The quality and content information is superbly consistent. I have already pre-ordered Volume 3 and I am exuberantly waiting for the next round of travel tricks and tips. A 5 Star review is well earned and deserved. Always happy and a pleasure to support and plan to continue to do so.

Lythia Becht

Volume 2: OMG

Lots of great information. Volume 2 is worth it.

Latisha Secrest

Volume 2: Dope A$$ Course

Definitely worth waaayyyyy more than he’s charging! Go ahead and buy the course and get some passport stamps!

Adriana Short

Volume 2: Great course!

This is a well put together course with a lot of useful information. I’m ready to apply this knowledge, get reward points and take flights!

Bim Akinkuowo

Volume 2: Amazing Content

This is some next level you know what. The information here is everything a traveler could ever ask for Ronnie; you have out done yourself with this one. Please keep the information coming. I appreciate all your time and knowledge.

Valicia Lee

Volume 2: Great information

Volume 2 answers all of the questions that may have been lingering in your mind from volume 1. It’s all there. Great information to continue learning to travel using the information you learn from volume one and exactly what to do to get the most bang for your buck.

Demetria McCullough

Volume 2: Team T2T!!

Another fantastic volume! No matter your level of travel, there is ALWAYS something to learn about ways to step up one’s travel game!! Well done!

Grace Jarrett

Volume 2: Priceless

Just Like Volume 1, Volume 2 didn’t disappoint. Thank you for putting all of these tools in place for us to take advantage of. It was an easy listen.

Nicholas Savary

Volume 2: Lots of very useful information!

This course was the best money ever spent to learn about points and miles game! Thank you, Ronnie.

Fanita Williams

Volume 2: Fantastic Credit Card Breakdown

If you’re new to the credit card sign-on bonus game, then this course is for YOU! Ronnie breaks down all the cards pros/cons which enables you to make the right choice for your travel needs. PLUS, it’s packed with other tips and tricks that you wouldn’t know otherwise. If you’re a traveler…you need this course.

Cynthia Clarke

Volume 2: You won’t be disappointed!

This course will take your travel game to the next level! Ronnie did a good job breaking down the benefits and use of various cards, and explaining how you’re able to maximize your points. I will definitely utilize his tricks and tips for my next travel adventure!

Tara Bing

Volume 2: Course two is a must have

Thanks again! I picked up some awesome new tricks. Many of them were put into effect or attempted before I finished the course. That’s how enthusiastic I was. If there was any constructive criticism, I would have liked to see the visuals bigger or to full screen in the course. Maybe I’m just old or too lazy to right click, zoom but it’s not that big of a deal.

Thomas Finley

Volume 1: Members only

This course was well organized and very informative. Most of all, I have already saved thousands by implementing methods discussed in Volume 1. I can’t say Thank you enough!!

Lakeita Horn

Volume 1: Great videos

Great courses. Be sure to take volume 1 and 2 and tune into the videos and posts in the Facebook group.

Destini Bowman

Volume 1: Splendid!

Good stuff for beginners!!

Peter Anucha

Volume 1: Solid info launched to get you to travel for less

Comprehensive and handy checklists! Incredible value for $20!! You will make your money back a hundredfold. Thank you!

Jennifer List

Volume 1: Wonderful Information

I learned so much. Everything was well organized and easy to understand. Be sure to complete the course before you get any credit cards. I can’t wait for volume two!

Veronica Jones

Volume 1: The Tricks to Travel System is awesome!

Truly enjoy everything in volume 1. Enjoyed it so much I applied for the Amex Ascend card and got approved! I will be purchasing Volume 2. Thank you, Ronnie and Sheba.

LaToya Ellington

Volume 1: Excellent Course!

This course opened my eyes to the world of free travel and has expanded my possibilities. I already have 2 free trip plans thanks to this course. Don’t hesitate to purchase!

Lisa Broughton

Volume 1: Practical and succinct advice!!!

Ronnie goes into detail about how to use the program while at the same time being succinct and practical!!! already seeing my points going up!!!!

Linda Ross

Volume 1: Don’t miss out on this amazing information!

This is very well organized and thorough. Great information to get my traveling goals met!

Angelica Arteaga

Volume 1: Travel Tricks

All in one place, an excellent course!

Kyle Lipton

Volume 1: Great Tips and Tricks!

Thank you, Ronnie and Sheba, for introducing me to the Tricks of Travel! I am now well versed in how to get the most bang(points) for my bucks to enjoy free travel. There was also great information about travel insurance, visas, and communication while traveling abroad.

Yasmin Eleby

Volume 1: Travel knowledge is power

I just finished Vol.1 of Tricks 2 Travel. Ronnie does a great job of easily explaining everything. From novices to experts, there’s something new and useful to learn for everyone. The best part for me is learning how to book a free night! I highly recommend everyone to take these easy to learn courses.

Sean Morrison

Volume 1: Travel smart

This course has very valuable information if you love to travel and want to learn to travel using points and miles. It has everything you need to get started and successfully start your journey to travel and to places you’ve never been.

Demetria McCullough

Volume 1: Great Volume 1 of Tricks to Travel!!

I am so glad I joined T2T Group! Volume 1 was very informative, and I learned a lot more regarding how to save and earn points and miles to practically travel for free. I will take this information and start applying these techniques. Thank you!

Tonya Jordan

Volume 1: So much great knowledge

Going in I figured I would learn a thing or two but I man was I wrong. I learned a thing or 4836383!!! Thank you, guys, for putting this program together because there was so much, I was missing out on!

Nikkina Davis

Volume 1: Wow, just wow! You’re missing out!

I don’t even know where to start…
This was one of the most informative and in-depth courses I’ve ever taken. I can’t thank Ronnie and Dr. Sheba enough for sharing their knowledge so graciously. One of the best things I love about signing up for Tricks to Travel is that the course is on-demand and broken up in micro learnings, so I can go back and review specific content when I need it. Even before finishing the course, I found myself utilizing that function. Another thing I love is that you gain friends and great resources. Ronnie is always willing to answer questions I have. He does it promptly and makes it clear to understand. He never makes me feel like I ‘should’ know this or that, and he provides his honest opinion (even if it’s not what I want to hear) at all times. I could go on and on but I won’t because I’m about to dive into Volume 2 now!
Don’t miss out, sign up for Volume 1 (2 and 3) today! See ya in the sky.

Zabrina Watkins

Volume 1: Amazing Travel Course!!!!

Whether you are new to traveling or a seasoned traveler, I guarantee that you will learn something new from this course! It’s so comprehensive and Ronnie takes the time to navigate through the websites and process so it’s very easy to understand. After taking this course, I now have the tools to make my “dream vacation” a reality!!!! Don’t wait, sign up for this course now!

Jasmine Quiles

Volume 1: Tricks to Travel is great!

Great Program! Sign up as soon as possible, I wish I would have. Thank you, Ronnie and Dr. Sheba for sharing your tricks and tips. I have learned a lot and am better informed to start traveling the world. I’m looking forward to volume 2, and can’t wait to start applying these tricks in my future travel.

Latisha Secrest

Volume 1: Everything you need to know in one location

I absolutely loved T2T Vol 1, the little details that Ronnie provided in this course were very much necessary to know as a traveler. I’m very glad I took the time to watch everything and even printed out the checklist. I can’t wait to become a more seasoned traveler to use some of the helpful tips and maybe you’ll see me in the Maldives one day solely booked on points!!

Anya Remy

Volume 1: Very thorough

I enjoyed the course. Even though I travel often, there are still tricks to learn. Thank you for compiling the information.

Cynthia Davis

Volume 1: Loved it! Very informative!

I have learned a ton of useful information that I can apply to achieve my goal of traveling more and saving money using the system taught. Thank you!

Cheneye Cousins

Volume 1: T2T is the BEST

Thank you for the detailed information on how to maximize the use of points for travel. The information has helped me better understand the benefits of the credit cards that I currently have, and airline and hotel loyalty programs. This information can be overwhelming, but you broke it down well and made it easier to understand. Now on to finishing Volume 2. Thank you!

Consolate Oburu

Volume 1: Invaluable information

Ronnie is a great teacher. All of the information is presented in an easy-to-understand way that will lead to your own road to 100 countries.

Monica Williams

Volume 1: Perfect!

I’ve been traveling for 2 years now and have learned a few lessons along the way. This course taught me tricks that could have taken me 2 more years to figure out on my own. Thank you!

Tara Flora

Volume 1: Ready to travel

Our costs are already coming down since we have applied some of these principles.

DJuna Doby

Volume 1: Points and Miles Info = PRICELESS!

I’m a pretty confident traveler but I must admit that way too many times I’ve spent more than I had to. Though I have membership/rewards cards I never took the time to make the most of them. The information provided was easy to understand and check full of detail. Best travel money ever spent!

Cynthia Clarke

Volume 1: Great information!

This was really helpful. I thought I had a lot of information from my own research, but learned a lot more after taking this course.

Kamisha Francis

Volume 1: See the world now, not after retirement

I can travel bigger and better again. This course was like entering into a secret society of travel wizards! I am still amazed at how much you can learn and apply to see the world’s most luxurious travel destinations. You do not have to be rich, I’m not. You can go first class and you do not have to be rich, I’m not. You can travel now before you’re retired and old, I am (traveling now, not old and retired). This course has upgraded my life for the cost of a meal at a fast-food joint. That’s nothing!

Thomas Finley

Volume 2: Amazing as usual!!

Great course with so much information to earn status and points to travel for free!

Jarvis Joseph

Volume 1: Great and catchy title.

Great and useful information. Enjoyed the course and utilizing it already.

Mary Waweru

Volume 1: You Don’t Want to Miss This!

Wow my husband and I just completed this course, and we are amazed at how comprehensive and thorough it is! Everything you need to know about smart travel is here: from coverage of various hotel and airlines credit card products to working the points system. I also loved the accompanying links with each module, downloadable pdfs, checklists, and actionable items. Thank you!!

Ly Phan

Volume 1: T to T

Nicely done Ronnie, I enjoyed it and picked up some hidden gems. On to volume 2, I hope to have a lot of additional information on the HGVC time share hack.

Neal Daunt

Volume 1: Travel Game Changer

Thank you so much for the information. You have definitely saved me so much money! Looking forward to what the next volumes have to offer!

Eric Harris

Volume 1: 5 stars🌟

Very informative

Bria Travick

Volume 1: Tricks to Travel

Absolutely amazing !!! Great concepts, great information !! Just wish that we had more available cards for Canadians to really put the concepts to FULL use !!! Thanks so much we have learned so much !!

Nadine Morris

Volume 1: Excellent course!

This is the course I have been looking for, for years! I knew I had just enough knowledge about points and rewards to get started but I also knew there was a lot of information I didn’t know. I tried listening to credit card gurus on YouTube, but they were above my head most of the time mainly because I was missing the free travel fundamentals. This course filled in all the missing gaps and leveled the playing field for me. I learned how to properly set my travel goals and smart strategies on how to achieve them. My confidence has soared as now it all makes sense.
This is an unbelievable price point for the amount of quality and in-depth information you receive. It will save you so much time, energy and effort! If you’re even remotely interested in the ends and outs of learning about free travel, grab this course now!

T Hawthorne

Volume 1: Great information

I have wanted to learn about travel points for a while, but never found information that made sense. This course was very easy to follow, get quality notes and execute. I can’t wait to get Volume 2.

Quin Allen

Volume 1: Review

Very informative and detailed.

Carlos Diaz

Volume 1: Tricks to Travel – It’s Amazing!

I purchased Tricks to Travel: Volume 1 since I will be traveling less frequently for work and not accumulating points that way. I’ve been building points from my corporate job since 2019 and wasn’t sure how to continue to do this on my own. Ronnie’s course exceeded my expectations and I feel confident about continuing to rack up points to book future personal travel from all of the information he provided. I will be purchasing any course he drops in the future!

Tiffany Stringfield

Volume 1: Excellent! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

There is a wealth of information in this course and the Facebook group. My husband and I got a credit card through Ronnie’s referral link and we have accumulated so many points. I can’t wait to check out Volume 2.

Laterika Hillery

Volume 2: Excellent course

Excellent course!

Joshua Grier

Volume 1: Excellent Course!

Excellent Course, highly recommend!

Joshua Grier

Volume 2: A Wealth of Knowledge

I have learned so much about travelling and the tricks that come with it. I am happy that I came across Ronnie and his wife’s road to 100 pages! Traveling for free using the points and miles system is something I would recommend to everyone. Again, thank you Dunston Family! Can’t wait for volume 3: The Finale!

Daylyn Whitley

Volume 1: Tricks to travel information is unmatched

I took this class and just wow. So much great information is broken down on how to maximize points and miles to travel around the world. I can’t wait to start earning points and going places I never imagined I would go. The price for all of this course information is worth thousands but it’s like Ronnie and Dr. Sheba is giving this stuff away. I have a notebook full of great information. Thank you so much. Tricks to travel is definitely the best program I’ve ever purchased hands down.

Darniese Arnold

Volume 1: You need this course

This course breaks down the travel game! You definitely need to dive into this course. Don’t you think you deserve to travel for “free”? I know I do!

Natalie Owens

Volume 1: Tricks to Travel. The title says it all!!

I’ve learned so much about points and traveling. This has opened up a whole new world of savings for me.

Loretta Ellison

Volume 1: Worth A Million

I just completed volume one of “tricks to travel”, the information, explanation and examples were so detailed everything made perfect sense. I’m so excited to apply the information and take my babies around the world!!! Thank you sooooooo much for sharing!

Shavonda Lovett

Volume 1: Great Job!!!

Very concise information. He teaches great information on how to travel with points, rewards and so much more. I had Amex points just sitting and had no clue what to do with them. I sure do now 💪🏿

Miles Scott

Volume 1: Mind Blown!

This course was absolutely amazing! I’ve learned so many things about traveling free. I’ve taken a previous course, but the details in tricks to travel takes the cake! Thank you, guys, for taking the time to create this wonderful course!

Neiley McAdams

Volume 1: Spend the $20…NOW

There aren’t enough characters to describe my wonderful experience. I am not well traveled, yet, but I’m about to be! Playing the points game is new to me. I was raised to just pay your bills, avoid debt and credit cards. I have learned this is really the same thing as paying my bills on time, but now I get rewarded for it. This course has totally changed my mindset about credit cards. This is just a different way to achieve paying bills on time AND now I get rewarded for it. There are so many tips and tricks shared, just sign up. You may be experienced with travel and the points game already and I bet you will still learn something. Plus, you get continued support and master classes well after completion. Thanks for the level of detail and excellence displayed in each and every module.

Natalie Haney

Volume 1: Best Travel Course!!

This was a very informative travel course and you will learn so many tips and techniques! Best buy for the $ money. Thank you so much for sharing all this knowledge!!

Ursula Martin

Volume 1: Excellent Course

The best $20 I ever spent. I can’t wait to start using these tips… I’m already searching for trips.

Betsy Russell

Volume 1: Good Info all in one place

I am so happy to have found this course. As a newly retired couple, my husband and I are stepping up our travel game and the tips in this course helped us to refine some strategies. Loved the downloadable resources. Highly recommended!

Chandra Frederick

Volume 1: There’s something for everyone in this guide… even for seasoned travelers

Although I’ve been traveling for a long time, I knew I’d find something I didn’t already know in this program. Great info, very well documented and easy to follow.

Juanita Nelson

Volume 1: Useful Information

Easy to understand and thorough info to help you maximize your points and miles. Thanks for pulling all of this info into one place.

Nicole Wilson

Volume 1: Best Course Ever!

I am SO glad I stumbled across Road to 100 Countries and purchased the Tricks to Travel course!
Shortly after starting the course my family and I became homeless and we eventually ended up having to stay in a hotel. I decided to have us stay at the Hilton hotels in the area so we could take advantage of our situation and build up points. We ended up having to stay for 4 months and in doing so we became diamond members! Now that I have finally fully completed Tricks to Travel Volume 1 my husband and I are excited to actually start travelling!
There is so much amazing and valuable information here! Ronnie and Sheba really show that it’s possible for anyone to travel the world. This was literally the best $20 that I have ever spent in my life. If you’re on the fence for any reason take this as a sign to go ahead and buy the course!!

Kiana Whitfield

Volume 1: Excellent course

This is an excellent course that provides priceless and necessary travel information. The information provided can be used by beginner travelers, as well as seasoned veterans.

Nicholas Savary

Volume 1: Great Program

The number of jewels dropped in this course is amazing. People are so scared of credit cards, but this course gives you a play by play. We have been working on the system for about 4 months and are already ready to book a free trip. I am looking forward to Volume 2.

Vida Robinson

Volume 1: Very informative and easy to follow.

I love being a part of a group that encourages you to travel more without spending more! This course has been designed to be very informative and also easy to follow. I am looking forward to all of the trips we are going to take. Thank you, Ronnie, for sharing your knowledge with us!!!

Kimberly Lawrence

Volume 1: My Experience

This training was awesome. Even when you think you know some things, Ronnie does help put it in a better perspective for you to look at the bigger picture when booking your destination, so you can get the most out of traveling for free. Without this training, I am sure I would have probably booked using more miles or points, when Ronnie showed there are ways to book using fewer miles or points. I enjoyed the helpful ways that were shown on how to earn more points and miles to continue to travel free. This material to me is abundant and for that, I am so happy I decided to purchase it. So much informative information I’ve never heard before and want to say thank you and can’t wait to hear Volume 2!

Sherry Montgomery

Volume 1: Love it!

I loved The Tricks to Travel System!

Dawn Hughes

Volume 1: Amazing!!

Great step by step process about travel credit cards and point systems to start earning miles to travel for free. I highly recommend!!

Jarvis Joseph

Volume 1: Worth every penny

I thoroughly enjoyed this course. I love how simple and to the point the course is. My favorite part is understanding the differences among the credit cards and which airline/hotel credit cards would work for me. I also enjoy how personable the course is. I’ve already used many of the tips to secure upgraded rooms and cash in on those credit card referrals. I’m excited for volume 2

Orinthia King

Volume 1: Everything you need to know!

This course was on point! It was well organized and covered everything you need to know to earn points for travel. I like the fact that I didn’t have to search different sites to figure out the tricks, it was all laid out here. I highly recommend anyone looking to save and learn travel perks to sign up for this course! This is great content and I’ve already started applying everything I learned.

Charity Dunham

Volume 1: Very informative and easy to follow!

The Tricks to Travel course is a perfect start to learning how to travel using points and miles. You’ll also have access to the T2T community where you can find more information and tips for travel.

Taneisha Simms

Volume 1: Fantastic

This course was the best $20 I ever spent. The wealth of information provided as well as access to the group is immeasurable. I will be recommending anyone I know to get this course. I am about to begin my points and miles journey. I am extremely excited to see all the places it takes me.

Tracy Walker

Volume 1: Great Material

It took me forever to finally finish, but I’m so happy I did. I’m so excited to start putting to work everything I’ve learned. I’m ready to start traveling luxuriously with my family without breaking the bank! Now it’s time to get all my friends and family onboard. Ronnie definitely needs to up the price for all the information provided, definitely getting your money’s worth and more!

Kimberly McCarty

Volume 1: The Proof is in the Points!

Do yourself (and your travel bucket list) a favor and take this course!
IG: @evadelaire_ (Solo Traveler)
As an avid traveler, I had my eye on the “Road to 100 Countries” movement and the “Tricks to Travel” system for a while. Over the past few years, I have been primarily traveling for work, finding cheap vacation flights through different search engines, swearing by AirBnb, and using the occasional airline credit card. I followed the Road to 100 Countries group and saw what Ronnie and Sheba were able to do with points and miles (the Maldives twice in one year!), but something was keeping me from fully jumping in. Honestly, the turning point was when an airline upgraded me to business class on a transatlantic flight. Once I got that small taste of luxury, I knew that I needed to learn how the Dunston’s made business class, first class, and luxury suites a way of life, using points and miles! In one of our first conversations, Ronnie said, “I don’t pay for travel,” and I added that to my vision board (because GOALS!!).
Volume 1 of the “Tricks to Travel” course has something for every traveler — those who are just beginning, as well as frequent travelers like myself. There is relevant information for family travel, baecations, AND solo getaways. The value in the course is not just that you learn to use points and miles to book amazing trips (although that is super valuable information!). The real value is in learning multiple strategies (aka the “tricks” in Tricks to Travel) to earn miles faster and from multiple sources; to receive elite status, perks, and lounge access; to request upgrades, and to turn your travel dreams into travel realities. This may seem “fangirl”, and I can’t help it because that is my personality. If I am a fan of something, I will let you know, and I am a fan of this course!
Now that I’ve completed T2T, I wish that I had taken it sooner! I’m sitting down to figure out where I want points and miles to take me. Phuket! The Maldives! Bora Bora is my BIG ONE! I’ll report back, with pictures!
Take this course, and live the travel life that you deserve!

Eva Michelle Wheeler

Volume 1: Wonderful Course

A very well thought out course that really reviewed all aspects of travelling. The comprehensive course teaches the tricks of how to travel and do so more frugally and more efficiently. I highly recommend the course for people across the travel spectrum from novice/beginner to expert.

Scott Cook

Volume 1: VALUABLE INFO!!!!!

I saw Ronnie and Dr Sheba, a beautiful black couple on my Instagram, they were talking about how you can travel for 1/2 the price with their secret hacks. I was intrigued. especially for the price they were selling the course for. So, I got a lot of valuable information by purchasing the course. I can’t wait for vol. 2 I highly recommend you buying this course and also join the movement #Roadto100Countries. It will change your whole mindset on how to travel the world. 🌍🌍🌍🌍

Nathaniel Chery

Volume 1: Such Great Information

The information provided would take years for someone to learn on their own. So glad that I took the course.

Marquita Wright

Volume 1: Tricks to Travel

Great stuff to learn how to travel the world free!

Jeffery Blosil

Volume 1: Spend $20 and save thousands!

Great, engaging, detailed course. Ronnie leaves no stone unturned! Thank you for sharing your expertise!

Melinda Brown

Volume 1: This course is amazing.

It breaks down the information very clearly, step by step. You can’t go wrong with this system. Love it.

Valicia Lee

Volume 1: Why did I take so long to finish this course?!

This course was beyond Informative. Ronnie went above and beyond in detailing the tricks to travel system. After taking this course there is no excuse to ever pay full price for travel again. I wish I completed the course sooner; I feel like I have missed out on so many deals, but no worries because now I’m informed and ready to rack up them points, use the full benefits on each of my cards and planning what cards to apply for next. How exciting is it to be able to travel just by spending money you would normally spend anyway!? The years I missed out on not knowing this stuff hurts…. So happy I took this course.

Tyisha Davis

Volume 1: Absolutely fantastic!!!

I consider myself fairly savvy at travel and booking with points and rewards. I was blown away at all the new tips and advice I learned from this course! It will pay for itself thousands of times over with all the money you will save from what you learn. Highly, highly recommended!! Thank you, Ronnie!

Darren Novi

Volume 1: One of the Best Travel Courses

I’ve seen the light. Thanks, Ronnie, for such an amazing and educational travel course. I’ve learned so much more than what I thought I knew. Now I know where to go from here and I’m on it. If you haven’t taken the course, you’re missing out. If you want to learn how to travel for little to nothing, this is the course for you. Sign up now.

Michelle Bascoe

Volume 1: Fantastic Travel Tips

I thoroughly enjoyed the course. I was even approved for the Hilton Surpass Card, which I had no idea existed. Thank you, Ronnie, for the fantastic information. I will be traveling for points soon.

Terrin Sledge

Volume 1: Great Course

I enjoyed the course! I will be traveling for free in 2022!

Ramona McHenry

Volume 1: The Best Tricks Ever!

I saw this course offer in Road to 100 Countries where Ronnie shares free tips and that’s where I was like, he’s giving these gems for free. I need to get his course! I use my MyPoints Visa card to pay for this course (One of Ronnie’s tricks I learned) so I basically got it for free! Now I can’t wait for Volume 2!

Makeiba Winclas

Volume 1: Excellent course, outstanding value

I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect in terms of content, but I guess that’s the point. You don’t know what you don’t know. And I found that there was a wealth of info in the course that I didn’t know and hadn’t even considered. Even if I only apply a tiny fraction of what I learned, it will be beyond worth the money spent. The only downside is that now I have homework – working this system to its full potential! But I feel equipped and I’m excited for volume 2.

Renee Thompson

Volume 1: Wow…like really…Wow!

I can’t lie, I got a little angry during the course. I just could not believe that I got to this point in my life and career without knowing anything about the info that was provided in this course. I’ve been to a few countries and had to pay out of my pocket. Not only that, I did not get any points. If only I had taken this course sooner. It was a truly eye-opening experience. Please do not hesitate…take the course. The info is way more valuable than the course fee. I am about to get busy. Look out world, here I come.

Don Sawyer III

Volume 1: Definitely worth it

Tricks to Travel volume 1 was very informative. As a first time soon to be frequent traveler the information was clear and to the point. It was explained very easily as if your family member was speaking to you over the phone. I loved that it wasn’t all confusing to follow along. Can’t wait for Part Two. Do yourself a favor and definitely sign up 2022 is the year we do what we all love and that is TRAVEL.

Korene Davis-Smith

Volume 1: Take the course

I wish I had known about this system before. I am one of those folks that didn’t think I could travel the way I really want to due to cost. Well, I was completely wrong. This program was highly educational and is a must for anyone that wants to travel. I will be recommending this to friends and family.

Lakisia Hull

Volume 1: Highly Recommended!

This is a must-have resource for all travelers! Whether you’re a newbie or have years of travel experience under your belt, the Tricks to Travel course shows you the ins and outs of how to see the world without breaking the bank. Be prepared to take notes as Ronnie breaks down into a series of bite-sized lessons how to earn airline and hotel points to travel your dream destinations! The knowledge gained is worth MUCH more than the low cost of $20 for this course. Don’t wait – sign up now!

Judith James

Volume 1: Awesome – must watch!

Awesome tips and information!

Teesha Stout

Volume 1: Fantastic Program!

My wife and I have been avid travelers for many years but in order to pursue this interest we were paying a pretty penny. I had often heard about this miles/points game but didn’t have a clue where to start. This program connected all of those dots and steered us in the right direction! The price point also can’t be beat. You get so much bang for your buck it is worth every penny. Looking forward to volume 2! THANK YOU for putting this all together!

Brian Stafford

Volume 1: Excellent In-depth info

Excellent in-depth exploration of programs, credit cards and websites to help you travel about the World.

Clifford Wynne

Volume 1: Very Helpful Tips

Lots of helpful tips.

Dana Jones

Volume 1: Great and useful information

I learned a lot from the course. I have been accumulating points and miles for years but this course really helped me to take it to the next level! I’m now a Hilton fan as well!

Beth Ziegenfus

Volume 1: College Credit Worthy

My husband and I got excited as we learned about the many ways we can save on future travels. As a family of 3, the expenses add up and if feels great to know we can continue to world school our daughter as we pursue our #Roadto100countries.

Salisha Shears

Volume 1: Travel Ready!

I had already taken a course on travel game but this course came at it differently and filled in some gaps. Overall, it’s an excellent course for those of us getting started.

Twila Logan

Volume 1: Oh the Possibilities!

The Tricks to Travel: Volume 1 course was very helpful. I learned a lot about different apps and ways to accumulate points that will get me to my dream destinations. After going through this course, I am able to travel for little to nothing with and without my family. The lessons learned will definitely take us far. The videos with visuals and clear explanations will help anyone be world travelers as we are all pursuing to be on the ‘Road to 100 Countries’.
Thank you for this amazing resource!

Sandra Gayles

Volume 1: Good information

Great tips and tricks to travel.

Tara Gravitt

Volume 1: Review of Tricks to Travel

I just completed volume 1 of Tricks to Travel and learned a plethora of valuable travel information. Ronnie did an excellent job explaining the basics of maximizing travel awards for hotels and airfare. I look forward to planning my milestone birthday trips using the skills learned from this program. Thank you!!

Shavonda Robinson

Volume 1: Changed how I view travel!!!

I have always traveled.  Having top statuses, seeing the world, etc. was the norm for me.
So, what changed?  My perspective.
I use to travel with my money.   I paid for everything.   Now that I’ve found and begun using the Tricks to Travel system, I’ve learned how to maximize the point system.   I didn’t know it was so easy.   I’ve traveled almost as much as before (only limited because of covid) and haven’t spent a dime because I’m fully using this system.
And for only $20?  What else can change your world for two days of Starbucks?

Jonathan Stewart

Volume 1: Best Training Videos

Ronnie your training videos were on point. I love the way you laid out the training where the videos are in segments and they are short and thorough. I will definitely purchase volume 2.

Sharon Brooks

Volume 1: Awesome course! Invaluable investment!

If you never know unless you try, this course would be it. Never would I have thought to capitalize on points for travel and basically set myself up to see the global for virtually free at times. And to top it off, the cost was miniscule in comparison to the travel nuggets of knowledge dropped. Seriously, the content and format were very easy to follow and allowed for me to complete at my own pace. I am looking forward to the next installment!

Talya Christian

Volume 1: The Template Alone!

Great content! I legit wasn’t sure the tips provided would be anything I hadn’t heard before. The template alone provides a ROI and then some. Watch and listen. Then put it into action. You will NOT regret it!

Odofoley Oquaye

Volume 1: Loads of GREAT INFORMATION

Thanks for your very informative training. I literally felt like you held my hand through each step I’ve learned so much and can’t wait to apply it.

Courtney Gates

Volume 1: Intriguing

Very informative

Angela Newsom

Volume 1: Plenty of Info

Ronnie has given all the info needed to travel for free. Lots of valuable info that’s going to help me travel for the rest of my life.

Vonda Callis

Volume 1: T2T

It was soooo much information that I had to take notes but I learned so much and will be applying it to my travels for sure!

Naima Ali

Volume 1: Amazing Course with tons of valuable information

I consider myself a budget traveler and have been able to travel like this using a bunch of tricks that have saved me money. I took this course because the reviews were great and it was an affordable price point. I was not expecting to get as much value as I have received from this course. I am able to still be a budget traveler and upgrade my travels for free using points and rewards. This is a win-win for me. I am hoping to use these tricks to be able to travel on my honeymoon for free. Thank you so much for your great ideas and especially the amazing Facebook community. I have learned so much from the group about how to really “hack” the system to get free travel!

Darren Chew

Volume 1: Very informative

The class was informative. The information was presented in a simple way, which makes it easy to understand. Thanks Ronnie

Sheryl Salmon

Volume 1: Life Changing

Following Road to 100 Countries and learning the Tricks to Travel System has truly changed my life! This course was not only easy to follow but 100% helpful in beginning to plan out my travel dreams! I have always wanted to travel but thought a lot of the destinations I wanted to visit were too expensive. When I started the course, I will not lie I was a bit skeptical but the more Ronnie teaches and explains it became a no brainer. After about 3 months of sitting on my hands I said what’s the harm in trying? I began implementing the tricks taught in this course…. AND IT WORKS!!!! I’m currently 3 months away from Dream Destination #2 and have already shared with family and friends to come jump on board! I truly appreciate the Tricks to Travel and Ronnie and Sheba Dunston! The time, effort, and assistance given leaves me speechless! I can’t wait for Volume 2!!!!!

Kayla McClain

Volume 1: Great information

Volume 1 has great insight and information on getting started into points and miles to travel essentially free.

Simone MeadeHolt

Volume 1: BEST $20 spent EVER!

I have always loved traveling but having a family of 6 made us have certain places I could only dream about going. After taking this course, I now know that our destinations don’t have to remain dreams but they’re actually doable! (Especially when we leave our 4 kids at home with family & just travel as a couple ha-ha). Thanks, Ronnie, for taking the time to piece all of this together!! It’s a lot of information so if you’re reading this review to determine whether or not to buy it, BUY IT NOW!!! It’s a win-win situation and you can apply it to wherever you are in your travel journey. I’m looking forward to Volume 2!!!

Kierra Smith

Volume 1: Worth the Investment!

Wish I had taken the Tricks to Travel – Volume 1 earlier! I use to pay individually for Priority Pass AND travel insurance when I could have gotten a credit card with these benefits having an annual less than the cost of Priority Pass alone. Not to forget bonus points/miles on top of the cost savings. I consider myself an expert traveler with 77 countries and 7 continents under my belt, yet I still learned new information. Take the class! You won’t regret your investment. It’s like treating yourself to a travel lunch.

Chloe-Mai Howard

Volume 1: Tricks to Travel

Awesome! I learned so much!

Tina Bacon

Volume 1: Great intro to points and miles

I love this hobby and have been at it a couple of years now. I was able to pick up a few more tricks from this information and I know it will more than pay for itself over and over again.

Justine Grayson

Volume 1: Fantastic tricks

What an incredible platform to become a part of! I learned SO much in volume 1 that is GAMES CHANGING FOR TRAVELERS. Thank you to the Dunston’s for an incredible program 👏🏼 I’ll be sharing with my loved ones ♥️

Nicole Delgado

Volume 1: Definitely highly recommended

This course is full of great information. I thought I knew what I was doing to gain points, but this course teaches you how to maximize the points system with every dollar you spend. I loved the links and how we’re kept updated with daily info in the FB group. I shared the website with several family, co-workers and friends. Hopefully they take advantage and get to traveling soon.

Yvonne Velez

Volume 1: Life Changing Information!!!

As someone who has planned domestic and international group trips, traveled solo internationally, and who yearns to expand my travel experiences even further, the information provided in this course has been truly eye opening and one of a kind! I learned so many new things, was able to learn about and secure my first 2 hotel cards, and maximize my experience with the travel cards that I already owned but wasn’t getting the most out of! This course has truly opened my eyes to new ways to earn points and jump back into traveling as we hopefully hover over the end times of this recent pandemic. Investing in Volume Two to learn even more was a no brainer! One of the best purchases that I’ve ever made because it continues to give back!

LaQuinta Scott

Volume 1: Great!

Easy to understand

Regina Page

Volume 1: Glad I finally joined the program

I was hesitant to sign-up for Tricks to Travel because I thought I had it all down to a science. However, I thought what do I have to lose as even if I learn one thing it would be worth it. I actually learned several new tricks to travel and can’t wait to put them to use. Thanks, Ronnie, for the very useful information and for saving me $$$. LaDonna R.

LaDonna Reynolds

Volume 1: Tricks to Travel System

This course contained great information. Ronnie is also very responsive to questions in the Facebook Group even while on vacation. I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn more about traveling using points and miles.

Andrea Capers

Volume 1: Good Sugar Honey Ice Tea!

Can’t wait to add some new passport stamps to my passport!

Adriana Short

Volume 1: Tricks to Travel

Such valuable information being shared in this jammed pack volume. I was taking so many notes. I am thankful these jetsetters shared their experiences and knowledge. Looking for to the next volume.

Chanda Adkisson

Volume 1: Review

Very informative. Loved the course

Hanny Hillal

Volume 1: Valuable information

T2T Volume 1 is a definite must if you are looking to level up your travel game and utilize benefits/perks that work best for you.

Halima Mason

Volume 1: AMAZING Course!

This course was so helpful and easy to understand! Even as someone who was already familiar with some of the tricks mentioned, I learned a lot of new information. Please take this course, no matter how long you’ve been traveling, or what you think you know. You won’t regret it!

Carmeisha Huckleby

Volume 1: Making travel accessible!

The Tricks to Travel course opened my eyes to the international experiences that are possible for ordinary people, if you just learn how to take advantage of the tricks and deals out there! I’m now about to book a week vacation to Curaçao with my family of 5, with free hotel and airfare. The best part about this course is I now have a list of international destinations I never dreamed I could actually visit, and I fully expect to visit all of them. The course lays out the basics to get you started on your first free trip, as well as some more obscure tricks, and Ronnie and the T2T community are always available to answer questions and help out in the members’ Facebook group. Best $20 I spent this year, by far.

Nicole Negron

Volume 1: Amazing!

This course is fantastic, and very insightful! The value you get out of the training is much more than the $20 spent. Using only one trick out of the many will save you thousands on any given trip. I highly recommend and can’t wait for volume 2.

Caroline Surber

Volume 1: Best $20 you’ll ever spend!

The amount of travel tips in this course is insane!! The information I learned in this course has allowed me to travel internationally with my 3 children. I didn’t think that was possible prior to taking this course! Ronnie is a wealth of knowledge and always willing to help everyone reach their travel goals. Best $20 I ever spent.

Rachelle Reyes

Volume 1: 5 stars

The tricks to travel system volume 1 is an awesome tool. I’ve been traveling for several years and I didn’t know about anything other than signing up for airline miles while I travel. I’ve never accumulated enough to stay anywhere for free nor fly for free by using points. I have many more trips planned going forward this year, 2022 and 2023 I will use everything I’ve learned to do better at getting more bang for my bucks. Thank you so much.

Yorubie Williams

Volume 1: Before booking your next vacation spend $19.99 to save you thousands!!!!

This course is worth every penny and more. Since starting I’ve found the value in staying at a particular hotel and gaining their highest status. I’ve secured free suite upgrades by utilizing a technique learned in this course. Ronnie and Sheba teach from their tried-and-true experiences. There’s a reason they’ve been to 100+ countries and I’m trying to get there. Come and follow the blueprint they laid out and learn how to maximize the points and miles game.

Orane Williams

Volume 1: T2T

I was going into this with some caution, just because I had some knowledge on taking advantage of the point system. I’m in the military and annual fees are free for most credit cards. After going through the course, I realized how many points I was not taking advantage of at the fullest extent. Very excited to get organized with my travels and enjoy the adventure. Thanks Ron and Sheba!!

Lidia Fusco

Volume 1: Tricks to Travel

What a plethora of information! Videos were user-friendly and easy to follow. Presentations were upbeat and well done. Great Job!

Renee Moyd

Volume 1: Great information!

The tricks to travel volume 1 was amazing. I’m so glad I came across your page on Instagram showing how you traveled to many countries all over the world using just points. From the first couple lessons I immediately started changing the way I operate when it comes to my credit cards with points so that I can get the most out of it. The class was very affordable and your tricks are the best tricks you can teach people. Keep doing what you are doing and I can’t wait for volume 2!

Marie Ginou Cadeau

Volume 1: Everything you need to travel for free!!!

I have been using point and miles to travel for years and learned that I was an amateur in the game. This course will put point and mile acquisition on steroids. Can’t wait to take my travel game to the next level!!!!

Paul Butts

Volume 1: Amazing information for travel

I am just blown away at all of the information that is contained in the course. Not only will it save me time and money it opens so many doors for me. I like how simple the information was to understand plus things that I can easily go back and refer to as I move forward in seeing 100 countries plus. No matter how savvy you may be in travel you will learn something from this course. The investment is so small compared to the return. I highly recommend this course for every level of traveler.

Donna Ferguson

Volume 1: Worth every penny

So glad I purchased Tricks to Travel. The course was very helpful especially in the areas of using and obtaining points. I’ve traveled the 2nd half of this year using mainly points for my flights and I now have gold status with Marriott! I already pre-ordered volume 2. Ready to ramp up my traveling for 2022.

Kim Gordon

Volume 1: Good

The course was put together well but I live in Canada so I have to do additional digging and background work to find ways and other method and strategies that can apply to me, anyway overall an eye opener on how to achieve some travel goals and I will be tuned in for part 2

Priscilla Aning

Volume 1: Awesome course, has saved me thousands $$$

I, at first, was hesitant to pay $20 for this course, but after taking it I was so happy I did!! I love the course, but what is even more valuable is the private fb group where Ronnie (and others), are always posting great ways to maximize the points game and the monthly zoom calls. I haven’t paid for a hotel, flight, or rental car this year and for next year have already gotten 3 RT tickets to Italy using points.
Ronnie is the GOAT.

Hannah Carey

Volume 1: The holy grail of traveling for free!

Tricks to travel is a wealth of information for those who want to be properly introduced to traveling the world. From the beginning to the end game, Ronnie’s presentation and personality flows seamlessly giving you a one-on-one teacher approach. The breakdown of using points & miles earned just off your everyday spending was an eye opener. I’m looking forward to volume 2.

Rashaun Andrews

Volume 1: The Tricks to Travel is great!

Great program! To get all the knowledge you receive for the price they charge is a steal! If you haven’t listened to volume 1 and your traveling, you are throwing away money and missing out on some amazing deals. Get started today!

Charles Carr

Volume 1: Great course!

Ronnie does a great job of breaking all of his information down so that it is simple, concise, and easy to understand. I cannot wait to start applying his “tricks to travel” to my travel journey!

Stephanie Madrid

Volume 1: The Best Travel Information!

Excellent! Thank You! I’m still in awe at the information and support received.

LaShawn Williams

Volume 1: T2T System

Simply Awesome…Ronnie and Sheba put together a simple strategic way to travel. A road map if followed, seems like it will work for many. I am excited to get started 😀

Wanda Davenport

Volume 1: Awesome!

This absolutely gave me the best options EVER learning the system! I cannot wait to start traveling

Fanita Williams

Volume 1: Amazing Travel Tricks and Tips

This course is worth more than $20. The information is detailed from beginning to end. I will definitely use this system for my future travels.

Eva King

Volume 1: Great Course

I have learned so much from this course and continue to learn from the group. This course is well worth the $19.99 investment many, many times over.

Shenell Laster

Volume 1: Fantastic course

I gained so much valuable knowledge that I wish I had learned a long time ago. Ronnie teaches this course in such an engaging way, I looked forward to each segment! Highly recommend!!

Astrid Cooper

Volume 1: I love the Tricks to Travel

This course has been so helpful. I now feel I fulfill my dreams of traveling the world. Thank you

Sabrina Williams

Volume 1: Great course!

Great course with lots of helpful tips! You won’t be disappointed!

Tara Bing

Volume 1: Life Changing Material

This course has changed the way I will travel in the future for myself and my family. I was able to rewatch and replay the material several times making sure that I understood each topic. This course is packed with valuable information that I am able to use forever for a better travel experience. My only complaint is that I wish I would have completed it sooner. Thanks Ronnie and Thanks Sheba!!


Volume 1: Great stuff!

I only wish I had taken this course before now. Great info on what credit cards to get, how to upgrade hotel rooms, how to get the SUB as quickly as possible. A wealth of information. Thank you!

Rosalyn Little

Volume 1: Excellent tutorials and a wealth of information

This course was easy to follow with step-by-step guidelines to increase your travel knowledge. Ronnie’s visual details and straight to the point approach helped me gain more insight on winning when I travel.


Volume 1: Worth Every Penny

This course is insightful and provide more information than I imagined. From hotel tips to point building tricks – my game has been amplified!!! I’m kicking myself for waiting 3 months AFTER I purchased to start the course.


Volume 1: Excellent course! Priceless information! WELL worth the cost!

This course is one of the best investments I’ve ever made! My husband and I are now living the T2T life – and we are so grateful to Ronnie & Sheba for sharing the tips & tricks they’ve learned over time & experience. Their support, encouragement & continuous teaching through daily posts in the T2T Facebook group, monthly zoom trainings, and especially for availing themselves to direct questions are invaluable. We used what we learned to book our anniversary trip this year with practically no out of pocket expense and we plan to do that every year… and add birthday trips and just because trips too! We were so impressed that we bought the course for our son and his wife. I hope they take the time to watch and learn. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU Dunston’s!

Ld Swett McKinney

Volume 1: Opened My Eyes!!

This was a really great course! Very informative and relatable – I was ready to start purchasing cards halfway through the course lol. But learning is key and I am happy that I was able to get through the whole course. It opened my eyes to sooooo much as far as travel and gave me a different perspective. I really enjoy traveling but to go to my dream places essentially for free will be amazing. I am ready to put in the work to rack up points and miles the smart way so I can continue seeing this beautiful world. Thank you, Ronnie and Sheba!!

Jasmine Hubbard

Volume 1: Tricks to Travel Course Review

The tricks to travel course has been life changing. One of the best $20 I have ever spent. The information I learned from this course is worth 10xs the cost of the course. Then the ongoing tips and tricks through the private FB group and monthly zoom calls definitely make this course a must have.

Marylean Parks

Volume 1: When you think you know enough…keep reading!!

I’ve been learning so much with this system. I had 2 rewards cards that helped me pay for traveling the past 5yrs. Had I known these tricks I would have been able to triple the number of vacations I took! Which bonus to sign up for. Not every card is equal. What airline card to get. When the annual fee makes sense. Don’t get a bonus for the sake of a bonus. Have a plan. Sooo much to learn. Ronnie takes the overwhelming and makes it simple. I am so thankful for his leadership… his desire to learn more and his love to teach us. My family owes you so much gratitude for making traveling for us easy and way more affordable…because we live Paycheck to paycheck lol. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn to travel at a fraction of what you were paying before!

Juan Rodriguez

Volume 1: Great Info

I haven’t completed all my course just yet but I’m learning so much. I have 90,000 points so far and can’t wait to take my first free flight.

Lutishia Donston

Volume 1: Great travel tips

The Tricks to Travel course was exactly what I needed! The course covers so much great information for those that may be new to traveling or those that simply want to improve their travel experiences. I refer back to this course often!

Kiana Wilson

Volume 1: Excellent Course!

This course is clutch! Covers so much, and easy to follow.

Ja'Netta Kennedy

Volume 1: Excellent Information

Loved the Tricks to Travel course! Very informative and helpful. My husband and I were able to do a road trip free staying at Hilton’s because of this course. Highly recommended!

Nirelle Miller

Volume 1: Don’t Wait

The small things taught here are the biggest things. No matter what you know, you will learn way more. Worth every penny as the visuals are on point and the time spent to create something so affordable that will save you so much money is mind blowing. Do it now!

Lisa Summers

Volume 1: Best $20 you will spend!!

This course has been super helpful thus far. I was one of those folks that thought having an airline card was going to be the best course to get some free travel in– not so! Thanks to this course I am able to work the system from multiple angles! And maximize cards! Best $ I spent!!!

Jade Cunningham

Volume 1: Secret Sauce to Traveling Smarter

The Tricks to Travel Volume 1 is described in two words: JAW DROPPING. I’ve learned so much in this volume that I literally adjusted the way I was going about my travel. As well as paying more attention to hotel incentives, flight incentives and credit cards. Alone using this course, I racked over 400k hotel points, spent less than $200 for a flight to Australia and I look forward to learning more. Get the volume, you will not be disappointed. THANK YOU

Keyshonna Norman

Volume 1: Amazing Info

This maybe a $10 course but it has $1M worth of info. Travel for free or for less you can find it here through things you didn’t even know about or expect. Excited for Volume 2! Thank you Ronnie and Sheba!!!

Daylyn Whitley

Volume 1: Great Course for the Beginner Traveler

We really enjoyed the course and how everything is explained. If you are new to traveling or a want to know more about the many benefits of traveling then this course is for you. We enjoyed the section about the best travel credit cards and how to reach your spending limit. We would definitely recommend this course to any travels that are looking to take their traveling experiences to the next level.

Dana & Anlia Ford

Volume 1: Solo Trickin if you got it

I have been following Road to 100 Countries for a couple years now and learning from Ronnie as much as I can. The Tricks to Travel has gotten me some wonderful stays and some great deals! I would say the best method I have learned and used multiple times is the Hotel email. I have the template Ronnie gave me and it has helped me so much with my travels! Upgrades coming in from left and right, free black car pick ups from the airport, checking in from the luxury lounge, quick responses and just all around appreciation for their travelers. I love love love reading as much as I can when he posts about great new deals and or points to look out for. I may be a solo traveler, but I’m still making the game work for me. The Tricks to Travel is only one part of it, you get to utilize those skills you learned and put it into action. I love to travel, and I honestly love getting as much free or discounted as I can! Solo tricking if you got it.

Rica Molet

Volume 1: Summary on Tricks to Travel course

I was highly impressed with the content as well as the visual aids in the Tricks to Travel course. I made excellent notes and already utilizing some of the tricks as we speak. Thank you to Team Dunston for sharing this information with the community. Peace and blessings!!

Isreal Holmes

Volume 1: Opened my eyes

I used to use credit cards as my daily cards and get cash back as my reward. It was like free money. This course has opened my eyes that I could get so so so much more with points and now I’m planning an incredible luxury honeymoon for free!!!

Nikki Sheehan

Volume 1: Valuable Information!

This is a great course for both the novice and experienced travel. Everyone will walk away with a nugget that they can use to save money.

Erika White

Volume 1: How to Travel Like a Pro

Tricks to Travel taught me so much about what I was missing. I had no idea of the right way to travel. Everyone should purchase The Tricks to Travel by Road To 100 Countries. The knowledge is worth so much more. Thanks Ronnie Dunston for putting me on.

Whitney Moore

Volume 1: Excellent

Take the course, you’ll learn a great deal!

Eileen Mitchell

Volume 1: Great way of traveling for nearly free

Although I had a couple of reward cards before taking this course, I did not know how to maximize what I earned.

Liliana Celedon

Volume 1: Fits perfectly!

Very informative.. wish I took this course long back! It’s going to save me so much & help me travel in style 😎

Shazia Ashraf

Volume 1: Great course!

The course is great with lots of useful information.

Mercede Alexander

Volume 1: Great base

The content is clear and concise. It gives you a great base for learning how to use points for travel. It walks you through steps of booking and optimizing earning potential on specific cards.

Jennifer Colvin

Volume 1: Great Course

This course changed my travel-life!!! The information in this course is well organized and well prepared to help the student learn the material for application. Get this course if you want to travel “essentially free”

Annie Bell

Volume 1: Something for everyone

I know this course is mainly focused on those new to the Travel/Points Game; however, there’s something in this course for everyone. For me this course included new and refresher content. I’m familiar with the different travel credit cards and hotel chains, but feel those sections do a great job setting people up to reach their travel goals through points. For me, I really gravitated to Points for Shopping & Surveys along with the best international calling plans. I will say it again, there’s something in this course for everyone. Not only is the price well under the savings you’ll gain after applying tricks of the course, but also, the idea of having a T2T forum makes it even better!

Tiffany Herring

Volume 1: Awesome Course!

The Tricks to Travel Course is awesome! I’ve always wondered how many people (young people) manage to travel often and this course is the answer. Its super easy to follow, easy to understand, and completely changes your mind on how to reap travel opportunities from the daily purchases that you already do. Ronnie Dunston is a genius, and what is also really cool is that he actually replies to your messages when you reach out to him with questions.
100% recommend

Jose Blandon

Volume 1: Awesome

This course provides tools and resources on how to enhance and maximize my travel experience.

Keyona Lazenby

Volume 1: Very thorough introduction to traveling for free! Highly impressed

My husband and I have been great at scouring the internet to save us hundreds while traveling internationally, but this course teaches so much more than just finding good deals. It’s using points to make your own great deals to anywhere possible. In less than 6 months from course completion we’ve racked up enough points to get approx. 12 hotel nights free and have only scratched the surface. The creators are very active in the private group and the support is phenomenal!

Lexie Gamble

Volume 1: An Exceptional Travel Course That Exceeds One’s Expectations

A few minutes of video instruction per day can save you up to thousands of dollars on your next vacations in the future. Ronnie teaches you how to tweak and use different various travel systems to your advantage. I was already aware and using of many of the ideas he presented in his course, but was able to learn a few new tricks that I will be using in the future to my travel advantage. Down from the Hotel points systems that combine with their associated credit cards to the Airline partnerships, he thoroughly breaks it down for you video by video. A small $10 is a miniscule pittance of an investment that will take you further in your knowledge of travel. Don’t delay and spend the $10 today!!! It will save you thousands in the future. I cant wait for Volume 2 Course to present itself in the future.

Lythia Becht

Volume 1: Why not?!?!

Don’t waste your spending on a debit card, let your spending earn you free hotel nights.

Claudia Brown

Volume 1: Great course

Great course for anyone looking to travel by points and miles. Very detailed

Kevin Blount

Volume 1: Great Resource

The tricks to travel volume 1 was a great intro course that laid outcries basics of reward travel. It was great to have all of this information in one place instead of having to search the internet. The Facebook group is the cherry on top. I have learned so much more about using the system from group posts and comments. It really takes the course to the next level. Do yourself a favor and buy the program. It is well with it!

Shivon Scott

Volume 1: Priceless travel information

Ronnie has studied travel perks like a pro. He could probably teach the credit card companies how to get travel perks.
He has made this easy to digest program for the novice of travelers and seasoned travelers alike. You can’t get this type of information, at this cost anywhere.

Michelle Morgan

Volume 1: Now I can afford to travel

The Tricks to Travel System has made travel much more affordable and often times free for myself and my family. I applied what I learned immediately and made changes in the way I use credit cards, points and miles. Everyday I learn something new from the T2T community. It’s like being an Insider. The system has sincerely made it possible for me to meet my travel goals. I’m looking forward to learning more and traveling more. The value of this system is worth so much more than the price.

Lareeka Dixon

Volume 1: Best travel tricks ever

If you haven’t joined the Tricks to Travel family now would be the best time to join. You learn how to travel and stay for free using hotel points and airline points. You learn everything from how to pay for everyday bills and get points for hotel stays and flights. You learn how to improve your spending and shopping abilities to gain on everyday shopping. Learn how to use the system and enjoy your next vacation, or just a relaxing weekend for pennies or nothing out of pocket at all. Best travel tricks ever. I have enjoyed vacations at some of the best hotels and flights just by taking this course and learned how to maximize my loyalty cards from hotels to airlines. Even referring my family and friends has helped me get points to travel. I highly recommend this course especially now during the pandemic so you to can travel in style and free.

Celeste Kenlaw

Volume 1: You better come get these POINTS!

I’ve taken quite a few courses and read e-books on points. I find that this course gives you the opportunity to choose the stuff you want to focus on and master. It’s really good! It’s also great for the experienced and beginners.

Lungiswa Moore

Volume 1: Helpful is an understatement

The plethora of info in this course can be intimidating but take your notes because Ronnie is great! He breaks everything down and even gives scenarios. I would absolutely recommend taking the course.

Atiyah Baldwin

Volume 1: Practically a travel Bible

The system is beyond awesome. I’ve been an airline employee for 15+ year and that in itself comes with a lot of perks. However, because of that I’ve never really ventured outside of that to find other deals and hacks, but since learning the system I feel like I’m double and triple dipping with all of the hacks I’ve learned so far. If you’re on the fence, DON’T BE!!! Sign up and learn the game!!!

Desmond Nylander

Volume 1: Love the course!

This course as saved me a lot of money and opened my eyes to new possibilities that I didn’t think existed.

Marsha Bryan

Volume 1: Wish I did it sooner

When I think of all the points I missed out on, putting this system off, because I didn’t think I had the time. Ouch! I didn’t need any time at all. The program is designed in a way that it was so easy and smooth and I sailed right through. It’s not a new language, it perfectly puts together what you kinda know but didn’t know how to use properly. Don’t wait, get it!

Casey Shands

Volume 1: Excellent Info

This course is very informative and educational. It definitely is worth every penny. The videos are short and to the point and easy to follow along with. I had no clue how easy it is to acquire points and then be able to travel using very little money. Also, the fact that he offers this course at very little cost also shows Ronnie’s heart and willingness to help people. I’m very happy I’m connected to him through the Facebook groups as well because my learning did not stop with the course. He is consistently dropping nuggets into the group to be of even more assistance in my points to travel journey. Thank you Ronnie!

Kenyetta Murphy

Volume 1: Excellent Information

So glad I signed up. Whether seasoned, newbie, or somewhere in the middle, there is something to learn in this presentation. Can’t wait for volume 2!

Grace Jarrett

Volume 1: Traveling the world

Don’t wait!! I did and paid so much money to travel, before learning how to use points to travel
For free all around the world with T2T. It’s definitely not a waste a time or money. You’ll learn so much. Can’t wait for T2T part 2.

Bella Fee

Volume 1: Great Course!

Tricks to Travel System Vol 1 is very informative and gives step by step details of how to work the system. This course is definitely worth more than $20. I learned a lot from this course and took plenty of notes that I have already referred back to on occasions. Thank you Ronnie and Sheba for sharing your system.

Brandi Jones

Volume 1: Good program

Lots of useful info

Keisha Turnbull