Tricks to Travel 

The Tricks to Travel System ®, aims to teach strategies on how to travel the world for a fraction of the cost.  Our system is comprised of 50+ how-to videos, where we show you step by step how to maximize the points and miles systems to travel essentially for free. In addition to our system, we also provide access to our exclusive, private Tricks to Travel Facebook group, where we provide even more travel tips and tricks and assist you with any additional questions or support. Our goal is to change your travel mindset and help provide everyone with the knowledge and resources to travel the world at a fraction of the cost.

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Tricks to Travel System: Volume 1
Course Reviews 

Work the system from multiple angles

This course has been super helpful thus far. I was one of those folks that thought having an airline card was going to be the best course to get some free travel in– not so! Thanks to this course I am able to work the system from multiple angles!

Jade Cunningham

Secret Sauce to Traveling Smarter

The Tricks to Travel Volume 1 is described in two words: JAW DROPPING. I’ve learned so much in this volume that I literally adjusted the way I was going about my travel. As well as paying more attention to hotel incentives, flight incentives and credit cards. Alone using this course, I racked over 400k hotel points, spent less than $200 for a flight to Australia and I look forward to learning more. Get the volume, you will not be disappointed. THANK YOU

Keyshonna Norman

Amazing Info

This maybe a $10 course but it has $1M worth of info. Travel for free or for less you can find it here through things you didn’t even know about or expect. Excited for Volume 2! Thank you Ronnie and Sheba!!!

Daylyn Whitley

Great Course for the Beginner Traveler

We really enjoyed the course and how everything is explained. If you are new to traveling or a want to know more about the many benefits of traveling then this course is for you. We enjoyed the section about the best travel credit cards and how to reach your spending limit. We would definitely recommend this course to any travels that are looking to take their traveling experiences to the next level.

Dana & Anlia Ford

Solo Trickin if you got it

I have been following Road to 100 Countries for a couple years now and learning from Ronnie as much as I can. The Tricks to Travel has gotten me some wonderful stays and some great deals! I would say the best method I have learned and used multiple times is the Hotel email. I have the template Ronnie gave me and it has helped me so much with my travels! Upgrades coming in from left and right, free black car pick ups from the airport, checking in from the luxury lounge, quick responses and just all around appreciation for their travelers. I love love love reading as much as I can when he posts about great new deals and or points to look out for. I may be a solo traveler, but I’m still making the game work for me. The Tricks to Travel is only one part of it, you get to utilize those skills you learned and put it into action. I love to travel, and I honestly love getting as much free or discounted as I can! Solo tricking if you got it.

Rica Molet

Summary on Tricks to Travel course

I was highly impressed with the content as well as the visual aids in the Tricks to Travel course. I made excellent notes and already utilizing some of the tricks as we speak. Thank you to Team Dunston for sharing this information with the community. Peace and blessings!!

Isreal Holmes

Opened my eyes

I used to use credit cards as my daily cards and get cash back as my reward. It was like free money. This course has opened my eyes that I could get so so so much more with points and now I’m planning an incredible luxury honeymoon for free!!!

Nikki Sheehan

Valuable Information!

This is a great course for both the novice and experienced travel. Everyone will walk away with a nugget that they can use to save money.

Erika White

How to Travel Like a Pro

Tricks to Travel taught me so much about what I was missing. I had no idea of the right way to travel. Everyone should purchase The Tricks to Travel by Road To 100 Countries. The knowledge is worth so much more. Thanks Ronnie Dunston for putting me on.

Whitney Moore


Take the course, you’ll learn a great deal!

Eileen Mitchell

Great way of traveling for nearly free

Although I had a couple of reward cards before taking this course, I did not know how to maximize what I earned.

Liliana Celedon

Fits perfectly!

Very informative.. wish I took this course long back! It’s going to save me so much & help me travel in style 😎

Shazia Ashraf

Great course!

The course is great with lots of useful information.

Mercede Alexander

Great base

The content is clear and concise. It gives you a great base for learning how to use points for travel. It walks you through steps of booking and optimizing earning potential on specific cards.

Jennifer Colvin

Great Course

This course changed my travel-life!!! The information in this course is well organized and well prepared to help the student learn the material for application. Get this course if you want to travel “essentially free”

Annie Bell

Something for everyone

I know this course is mainly focused on those new to the Travel/Points Game; however, there’s something in this course for everyone. For me this course included new and refresher content. I’m familiar with the different travel credit cards and hotel chains, but feel those sections do a great job setting people up to reach their travel goals through points. For me, I really gravitated to Points for Shopping & Surveys along with the best international calling plans. I will say it again, there’s something in this course for everyone. Not only is the price well under the savings you’ll gain after applying tricks of the course, but also, the idea of having a T2T forum makes it even better!

Tiffany Herring

Awesome Course!

The Tricks to Travel Course is awesome! I’ve always wondered how many people (young people) manage to travel often and this course is the answer. Its super easy to follow, easy to understand, and completely changes your mind on how to reap travel opportunities from the daily purchases that you already do. Ronnie Dunston is a genius, and what is also really cool is that he actually replies to your messages when you reach out to him with questions.
100% recommend

Jose Blandon


This course provides tools and resources on how to enhance and maximize my travel experience.

Keyona Lazenby

Very thorough introduction to traveling for free! Highly impressed

My husband and I have been great at scouring the internet to save us hundreds while traveling internationally, but this course teaches so much more than just finding good deals. It’s using points to make your own great deals to anywhere possible. In less than 6 months from course completion we’ve racked up enough points to get approx. 16 hotel nights free and have only scratched the surface. The creators are very active in the private group and the support is phenomenal!

Lexie Gamble

An Exceptional Travel Course That Exceeds One’s Expectations

A few minutes of video instruction per day can save you up to thousands of dollars on your next vacations in the future. Ronnie teaches you how to tweak and use different various travel systems to your advantage. I was already aware and using of many of the ideas he presented in his course, but was able to learn a few new tricks that I will be using in the future to my travel advantage. Down from the Hotel points systems that combine with their associated credit cards to the Airline partnerships, he thoroughly breaks it down for you video by video. A small $10 is a miniscule pittance of an investment that will take you further in your knowledge of travel. Don’t delay and spend the $10 today!!! It will save you thousands in the future. I cant wait for Volume 2 Course to present itself in the future.

Lythia Becht

Why not?!?!

Don’t waste your spending on a debit card, let your spending earn you free hotel nights.

Claudia Brown

Great course

Great course for anyone looking to travel by points and miles. Very detailed

Kevin Blount

Great Resource

The tricks to travel volume 1 was a great intro course that laid outcries basics of reward travel. It was great to have all of this information in one place instead of having to search the internet. The Facebook group is the cherry on top. I have learned so much more about using the system from group posts and comments. It really takes the course to the next level. Do yourself a favor and buy the program. It is well with it!

Shivon Scott

Priceless travel information

Ronnie has studied travel perks like a pro. He could probably teach the credit card companies how to get travel perks.
He has made this easy to digest program for the novice of travelers and seasoned travelers alike. You can’t get this type of information, at this cost anywhere.

Michelle Morgan

Now I can afford to travel

The Tricks to Travel System has made travel much more affordable and often times free for myself and my family. I applied what I learned immediately and made changes in the way I use credit cards, points and miles. Everyday I learn something new from the T2T community. It’s like being an Insider. The system has sincerely made it possible for me to meet my travel goals. I’m looking forward to learning more and traveling more. The value of this system is worth so much more than the price.

Lareeka Dixon

Best travel tricks ever

If you haven’t joined the Tricks to Travel family now would be the best time to join. You learn how to travel and stay for free using hotel points and airline points. You learn everything from how to pay for everyday bills and get points for hotel stays and flights. You learn how to improve your spending and shopping abilities to gain on everyday shopping. Learn how to use the system and enjoy your next vacation, or just a relaxing weekend for pennies or nothing out of pocket at all. Best travel tricks ever. I have enjoyed vacations at some of the best hotels and flights just by taking this course and learned how to maximize my loyalty cards from hotels to airlines. Even referring my family and friends has helped me get points to travel. I highly recommend this course especially now during the pandemic so you to can travel in style and free.

Celeste Kenlaw

You better come get these POINTS!

I’ve taken quite a few courses and read e-books on points. I find that this course gives you the opportunity to choose the stuff you want to focus on and master. It’s really good! It’s also great for the experienced and beginners.

Lungiswa Moore

Helpful is an understatement

The plethora of info in this course can be intimidating but take your notes because Ronnie is great! He breaks everything down and even gives scenarios. I would absolutely recommend taking the course.

Atiyah Baldwin

Practically a travel Bible

The system is beyond awesome. I’ve been an airline employee for 15+ year and that in itself comes with a lot of perks. However, because of that I’ve never really ventured outside of that to find other deals and hacks, but since learning the system I feel like I’m double and triple dipping with all of the hacks I’ve learned so far. If you’re on the fence, DON’T BE!!! Sign up and learn the game!!!

Desmond Nylander

Love the course!

This course as saved me a lot of money and opened my eyes to new possibilities that I didn’t think existed.

Marsha Bryan

Wish I did it sooner

When I think of all the points I missed out on, putting this system off, because I didn’t think I had the time. Ouch! I didn’t need any time at all. The program is designed in a way that it was so easy and smooth and I sailed right through. It’s not a new language, it perfectly puts together what you kinda know but didn’t know how to use properly. Don’t wait, get it!

Casey Shands

Excellent Info

This course is very informative and educational. It definitely is worth every penny. The videos are short and to the point and easy to follow along with. I had no clue how easy it is to acquire points and then be able to travel using very little money. Also, the fact that he offers this course at very little cost also shows Ronnie’s heart and willingness to help people. I’m very happy I’m connected to him through the Facebook groups as well because my learning did not stop with the course. He is consistently dropping nuggets into the group to be of even more assistance in my points to travel journey. Thank you Ronnie!

Kenyetta Murphy

Excellent Information

So glad I signed up. Whether seasoned, newbie, or somewhere in the middle, there is something to learn in this presentation. Can’t wait for volume 2!

Grace Jarrett

Traveling the world

Don’t wait!! I did and paid so much money to travel, before learning how to use points to travel
For free all around the world with T2T. It’s definitely not a waste a time or money. You’ll learn so much. Can’t wait for T2T part 2.

Bella Fee

Great Course!

Tricks to Travel System Vol 1 is very informative and gives step by step details of how to work the system. This course is definitely worth more than $20. I learned a lot from this course and took plenty of notes that I have already referred back to on occasions. Thank you Ronnie and Sheba for sharing your system.

Brandi Jones

Good program

Lots of useful info

Keisha Turnbull