Our Journey

Road To 100 Countries started as a personal travel goal for us. With 195 countries recognized by the UN, we decided we wanted to visit at least half of the world. As of 2013, we decided we were not going to repeat anymore countries until we reached our goal. As the years passed, we received a lot of questions about our journey. That’s when they decided to create a platform to share how we were able to travel the world for a fraction of the cost. Throughout the years, we learned and created a system to significantly reduce the cost of our travels. The TRICKS TO TRAVEL SYSTEM ® allowed us to travel essentially for free. In 2018, we visited our 100th country, Mauritius. But the journey continues! We started ROAD TO 100 COUNTRIES ® to not just document our journey, but to show and teach others how we did it, so others can do it too!

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